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Reconstruction demanded of roads in Shangla

November 12, 2018 • news

Shangla: The reconstruction of two roads in Shangla has been demanded due to the increased traffic accidents attributed to their bad condition, according to a news source. This demand was made by the Shangla action committee, which also called for the ban on collection of firewood from forest to be lifted.

The two roads which are to be reconstructed are the Karora-Ajmeer road and the Karora-Chakesar road. These demands were adopted as resolutions during a meeting of the committee at the district bar room, and was presided over by the committee chairman Mohammad Naeem Khan. The participants of the meeting asked the provincial government to reconstruct these roads on priority to prevent further accidents from happening by using the finds collected by the TMAs from bus stands.

They also appealed the government to remove the ban on collecting firewood from forests, as there is no natural gas provision in the district and timber is the main source of fuel for heating and cooking by the locals.