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Rental prices and search trends for DHA Lahore houses

March 24, 2015 • news

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In Lahore, Defence Housing Authority (DHA) is the most popular locality among potential tenants looking to rent a house in the city. The wide range of options to choose between and availability of houses in various sizes are two of the many reasons behind this popularity.

It has also been observed that tenants prefer to rent smaller houses and this trend is also reflected in property owners’ preference to build 5- and 10-marla houses. This is why I will discuss rental prices of smaller houses in DHA Lahore in this post, as well as determining the phases that are more popular among potential tenants.

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Top position: Phase 5

Per Zameen.com’s search trend statistics for March 2015, Phase 5 is the most popular one for houses for rent in DHA Lahore. I’d like to add that DHA Phase 5 was in first place in February 2015 as well, which means it is consistently popular.

The average rent for 5-marla houses in Phase 5 in March 2015 was PKR 53,000. For 10-marla houses, the rental price hovered around PKR 80,000.

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Second spot: Phase 3

In March 2015, Phase 3 of DHA Lahore has so far occupied the 2nd spot on the list, and it was ranked number 4 last month. It is by far the most expensive phase of DHA Lahore to rent a home since it is directly connected with the most important routes of the area, including Ghazi Road, Walton Road, and Main Boulevard DHA. Moreover, the most important commercial areas of the community, i.e. Blocks Y and Z, are also located in this phase.

This phase mostly has larger houses of 1 and 2 kanals, which automatically raises the demand and asking rent for its limited 5- and 10-marla houses. Per Zameen.com’s stats, the average rent for a 5-marla house in DHA Phase 3 is PKR 58,000 while that for a 10-marla house is PKR 85,000.

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In at number 3: Phase 1

Being the first phase of DHA Lahore, most of the houses in Phase 1 were built at least a decade ago and are larger in size. The average rent for 10-marla houses in Phase 1 is one of the lowest in the entire DHA at PKR 65,000, per Zameen.com stats.

Fourth place: Phase 6

Per the search trend stats recorded in March 2015, DHA Lahore Phase 6 occupied the fourth spot. The availability of many new houses has made this phase a very attractive place to rent a house. There are only a limited number of 5-marla houses in this phase, but 10-marla houses are readily available.

Per Zameen.com’s stats, the average rent of a 10-marla house in Phase 6 is PKR 75,000.

Fifth Spot: Phase 4

DHA Phase 4 is where you would find a good number of smaller houses for rent. Because it is a relatively newer phase, houses there were also built semi-recently, which makes up for their less-than-desirable location to some extent.

Per the portal’s stats, the average rent for 5-marla houses in Phase 4 is PKR 45,000, while that of 10-marla houses is PKR 65,000, making it one of the cheapest of all DHA Phases to rent a house.

Number 6: Phase 2

At number 6 on Zameen.com’s search trends for DHA Lahore is Phase 2. DHA Lahore Phase 2 is also one of the oldest phases of DHA and by far the cheapest one to rent a place. The average rental price of 5-marla houses in DHA Phase 2 is PKR 40,000 and that of 10-marla houses is PKR 60,000.

So, investors and tenants, here’s the necessary information you would need to begin your respective house hunts in DHA Lahore. Choose wisely!