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Sector G-13, Islamabad Is Deprived Of Basic Facilities

June 19, 2012 • news

Sector G-13, Islamabad comprises of 1000 families and more than 1500 houses are under-construction. However, living there is like living in a village where even the basic facilities are not provided. The sector lacks basic water supply infrastructure as most of the area does not have access to water supply.

According to residents, water supply infrastructure has limited capacity and cannot fulfil the needs of the whole sector. Sewerage facilities are also limited. Similarly, roads are also in bad condition. Not a single road is in good condition as there is no process for maintenance and repair.

No streetlight works because of which, the whole sector presents is prone to major security crisis during the evenings. Electricity supply is also from a C class grid station. A grid station is installed but not integrated for unknown reasons.

There is only one park in the sector and that also has very limited facilities. The other allocated park areas are not developed yet and there is no apparent sign of any work. At the same time, there is not a single filtration plant for clean water supply. Not a single basic health facility and not a single government school is in the locality.

The residents pay toll tax while crossing a toll plaza and CDA is also collecting regular taxes from home owners. The water tank supply is also limited to one tanker a day, which is not enough to fulfil the needs of all residents.

The House Foundation also has not initiated necessary measures to facilitate commercial areas, community centres and other public facilities. Residents plead to the authorities to cater to their basic needs.