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Team Zameen meets with realty agents at Agency Connect Rawalpindi

August 1, 2016 • news

Agency-Connect-RawalpindiZameen.com has made impressive progress over the past two years and while it has made a remarkable impact upon the realty sector through online activities, Team Zameen has now expanded operations to include offline activities as well, such as expos, bloggers’ meetups, journalists’ meetups, and, of course, Agency Connect events.

While the company is continuously innovating, it is essential to keep existing customers in sync with everything new that is happening with Pakistan’s largest property portal and hence Team Zameen conducted an Agency Connect event in PC Rawalpindi on July 27th. Representatives of renowned agencies of the city were present at the event and were briefed regarding everything the portal is currently offering with specific emphasis upon the gigantic expos that are due to be held later on this year.

Regional Head (North) Hasan Danish spoke at the event and informed all present about the massive benefits that exhibitors at previous expos enjoyed and how much potential the upcoming expos held. As the focus was on promoting Diamond and Platinum stalls at the upcoming expo to be held in the federal capital, real estate agents were specifically informed of the noteworthy benefits that these premium positions attracted and the process of booking a place at the highly anticipated event.

Representatives of the top agencies of the city were highly intrigued by the information and actively participated in the discussion, expressing interest in being a part of the upcoming Zameen.com Property Expo Islamabad. After a thorough discussion, the agents and Team Zameen continued to converse about the topic over a scrumptious hi-tea and general social interaction.

The event was a major success and Team Zameen got an opportunity to interact with their existing clients while representatives of agencies also appreciated the opportunity to discuss future business with the company.

The companies that were represented at the event include:

Ark Investment Hub

Shahbaz Estate and Builders

Elite Properties

Khosa Estate and Builders

Estate Venture

Sultan’s Construction and Real Estaye

Emlaak Property Manager

Kohinoor Property Dealers

Abaad Enterprises

Al-Rasheed Property

Multi Zone Associates

Raabta Property Center and Builders

Mak Enterprises

Estate Valley

Although we could not attend the event in person, we got a sneak peek through pictures! Here are a few images from the Agency Connect Rawalpindi!