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Tourism sector generates PKR 19 bn in 2017-18

September 28, 2018 • news

Lahore: Different parts of Pakistan was visited by 1.8 million local and international tourists in 2017-18, which is higher by 300% than the numbers recorded in the last five years and generated revenue worth PKR 19 billion, according to a news source. The statistics are released in accordance with the International Tourism Day celebrated worldwide on September 27.

According to Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation (PTDC), the tourism sector in the country is on the rise, where the number of tourists exploring different parts of Pakistan is increasing. Around 1.8 million people visiting Pakistan during 2017-18 is evident of the fact the security conditions are improving far and wide in the country, where the sector has successfully been contributing to the national exchequer.

In addition to this, positive impact has also been witness on the local hotel industries as well as businesses related to tourism. The Government of Pakistan is looking to work further on expanding the tourism sector in the country.