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Traffic Jams - A major problem faced by Karachites

January 28, 2013 • news

Traffic overload has become a major problem for almost all big cities in Pakistan but Karachi is literally choking with serious traffic related issues. Despite the addition of various flyovers, highways and underpasses, the biggest metropolis of Pakistan does not seem to get enough of it. As compared to the rate of rising population and influx of people from all around the country, the infrastructural development in the city is quite insignificant.

Traffic jams and road accidents have become a routine matter for Karachi. Unfortunately the city is facing problems bigger than the blocked traffic and congested roads and very few people think that addressing this issue should be the priority task of Karachi Development Authority. Nonetheless, these traffic jams make quite a headline in newspaper and electronic media.

For Karachites, these traffic jams mean literally frozen traffic for hours. Most of such traffic related issues occur during the rush hours and also when some important roads are blocked because of procession and related political activity. It has also been observed that there is no sound traffic control mechanism in Karachi and many drivers do not follow traffic rules and signals.

To address the traffic related issues in Karachi, the city needs more roads, flyovers, underpasses as well as local transport facilities. According to rough estimates, there are about 3 million vehicles in Karachi right now and this number is increasing at an annual rate of 8%. There is no law or mechanism to control the number of vehicles that burden the Karachi’s traffic system each year.

It is believed that a circular railway system that has successfully addressed the traffic issues in many international metropolises can lubricate the roads in Karachi. The deteriorating condition of public transport and suffocating roads suggest that Karachi is in dire need of some better transportation options. The sooner the concerned authorities realize the requirements of Karachi’s transportation infrastructure, the better would it be.