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What’s hot in DHA Lahore’s Phase V for investment?

February 27, 2017 • news

DHA Lahore’s Phase V has a contemporary look, featuring underground electrification and high-end amenities and facilities. Although this phase is saturated with only a few plots left, it still holds charm for big investors that are on the lookout to bag massive returns in the near future.

Without further ado, let’s discuss what’s hot and up for grabs in DHA Lahore’s Phase V.

Currently, Phase V’s M Block Extension is the area you should be looking at to satiate your investment desires. This block features 1-kanal, 10- and 5-marla residential plots, along with 8- and 4-marla commercial plot files.

The prices of these plots are lower as compared to the prices of plots with possession in Phase V (proper). It is expected that possession of these plots will be handed over sooner rather than later. However, an even more enticing factor has made me believe that you should invest here.

An underpass is being built from Phase V (proper) to Block M Extension and it will extend up to Prism 9 and 9 Town. Development work on the underpass in question is being carried out at a good pace. See the images below to get an idea of development work in question:

Due to this development, demand for, and the prices of, plots in Block M Extension have increased impressively in the recent past. I believe prices will increase further as development work progresses.

Let’s analyse prices in Phase V (proper) and the Block M Extension. Currently, the prices of residential and commercial plots in Phase V (proper) are as follows:

Residential Plots
1-kanal PKR 25,000,000 to PKR 32,500,000
10-marla PKR 17,500,000 to PKR 21,000,000
5-marla PKR 8,500,000 to PKR 11,000,000
Commercial Plots
8-marla PKR 140,000,000 to PKR 180,000,000
4-marla PKR 80,000,000 to PKR 90,000,000


On the other hand, the prices of residential and commercial plots in Block M Extension are as follows:

Residential Plots
1-kanal PKR 15,000,000 to PKR 17,500,000
10-marla PKR 9,000,000
5-marla PKR 7,500,000
Commercial Plots
8-marla PKR 57,500,000
4-marla PKR 32,500,000 to PKR 33,500,000

Note: 10-marla and 5-marla residential plots in Block M Extension are limited in number.

As you can see, there is a lot of room for price appreciation in Block M Extension, making it a considerable investment in the current scenario. Due to the development of the underpass, price hikes will also be seen in Prism 9 and 9 Town, making them hot for investment.

I will discuss these two projects in detail in my future blogs. Currently, you should focus on Block M Extension if you have the budget to buy property there.

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