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Zaman Villas – Upping the real estate game in Bahawalpur

March 25, 2016 • news


It’s been a while since we last reviewed Zaman Villas, a highly promising project  in Bahawalpur. Since there have been quite a few updates since then, especially in terms of prices and options, I decided to cover it once again to present a recent picture to you.

While most contemporary housing projects are found in large cities such as Lahore, Karachi, and Islamabad, Bahawalpur is not too far behind anymore. It is definitely making its mark on the real estate sector by playing host to exceedingly well-planned and high-quality housing projects.

Zaman Villas, a highly promising project in the city, is merely 5 minutes from Farid Gate on Jhanghi Wala Road and very close to commercial, residential, and institutional zones of importance. This location gives it a definite edge over other projects. You can also check available listings for houses for sale in Zaman Villas.

So what is so special about the society? Other than providing a meticulously planned and high-quality housing scheme in a smaller city, the developer has taken great pains to offer exceptional options: beautiful, built villas in various sizes are hard to ignore. The units are aesthetically appealing, stylishly constructed, and set in a fully facilitated environment complete with amazing amenities.

Want to know exactly what Zaman Villas offers now? Read on to find out!

Updated options and prices

Previously, the plan included 10-marla villas, but this never materialised. Zaman Villas offers 5-marla single-storey, 5-marla double-storey, 7-marla double-storey and 8-marla double-storey villas in Sectors A and B and on Ziauddin Avenue (the main road). The price of the villa depends on the number of storeys and the location. Ziauddin Avenue property demands a higher price.

Furthermore, there is also a limited number of plots up for grabs.

The units are intricately designed and suitable for small to medium-sized families. Specific attention to detail guarantees customer satisfaction and a brilliant residential experience.

In order to make the villas affordable and easily within the reach of all, they are offered on a cash payment basis and on instalment plans stretching from 5 to 25 years (based upon the customer’s discretion), financed through a financial institution. Buyers need to make a 35% down payment and the institution can take care of the rest. The current cash-basis prices are as follows:

Size Price
5 Marla (single-storey in Sectors A & B) PKR 5,000,000
5 Marla (double-storey on Ziauddin Avenue) PKR 8,000,000
5 Marla (double-storey in Sectors A & B) PKR 7,000,000
7 Marla (double-storey on Ziauddin Avenue) PKR 11,500,000
7 Marla (double-storey in Sectors A & B) PKR 9, 700,000
8 Marla (double-storey on Ziauddin Avenue) PKR 12,500,000

Features and facilities

The society has spacious, carpeted and wide roads that snake through premises adorned with green belts. It is a walled and gated project, which ensures safety and peace of mind for residents.

All general utilities such as electricity, Sui gas, water and an efficient sewerage system are in place. Furthermore, some parts of the society even offer underground electricity connections.

And that’s not all – the society also offers a scenic central park, shopping malls, and a state-of-the-art Jamia masjid resembling the Blue Mosque in Istanbul.

Hopefully this project will revolutionise quality living in Bahawalpur! Do you think so? Let me know in the comments below.