بحریہ ٹاؤن فیز 8 بحریہ ٹاؤن راولپنڈی راولپنڈی میں 3 کمروں کا 6 مرلہ فلیٹ 94.5 لاکھ میں برائے فروخت۔

بحریہ ٹاؤن فیز 8, بحریہ ٹاؤن راولپنڈی
گھر کے لئے قرض
  • 9
  • نقشہ
  • تصدیق شدہ
روپے 94.5 لاکھ
  • 3 بیڈ
  • 3 باتھ
  • 6.3 مرلہ

مجموعی جائزہ


  • قسم
  • رقبہ
    6.3 مرلہ
  • قیمت
    94.5 لاکھ روپے
  • مقصد
    برائے فروخت
  • مقام
    بحریہ ٹاؤن فیز 8, بحریہ ٹاؤن راولپنڈی
  • بیڈ
  • باتھ
  • شامل کی
    6 دن پہلے


A Project of Mian Estate and Builders
Ideally located in the aesthetically refined area of Bahria Town Rawalpindi A. H. Theme Tower is a residential project developed by Mian Estate and Builders. This residential project is about to change the mindset that Rawalpindi has regarding residential projects. Mian Estate and Builders
have beautifully fused together commercial offices and shops with residential apartments while maintaining the standards for both. These dedicated commercial spaces in the form of shops and offices will not only facilitate
the residents of A. H. Theme Tower but they will also add to the real estate value of the project making it a great investment decision in the long run. Now you can own a home in the ideal location of Bahria Town at a price
as low as 35 lakhs only.

Ideally Located in a well-established area Bahria Town
1- 2- and 3-Bed Ultra-Modern Luxury Apartments
Finest of Comforts
Marbled/Granite/Tiled Flooring
American Style Kitchen
Premium Attached Bathrooms
Highest Quality Sanitary Fittings (Master or Porta)
Drawing Room
Dining Room
Laundry Area
Laminated Wardrobes
Aluminum Window Frame with Tinted Glass
Steel Door Frames
Hidden Electrical Wiring and Switches
Border Ceiling
Especially Designed Doors with Imported Plywood
Rooftop Restaurant
Mezzanine Offices
Shops on Lower Ground Floor
Fun land Gym and Bowling Alley
Entrance of the Mall is composed of Granite
Power backup
Intercom along with Door Bells
CCTV Cameras
Parking lots in the Basement

A. H. Theme Tower features 1- 2- and 3-bedroom luxury apartments on 36 easy installments and only 30 down payment of the total cost. The project guarantees to provide you the finest of comforts and luxury living at affordable prices. The apartments will have bedroom(s) with premium attached bath American kitchen drawing room dining room lounge terrace and a laundry area. The American style kitchen features aluminum fittings with glass/marble kitchen worktops whereas the premium attached bathrooms will have luxury bathtubs and sink with a bathroom vanity. As far as the architecture is concerned the whole project will have tiled flooring aluminum window frames with tinted glass steel door frames hidden electrical wiring and switches border ceiling and especially designed doors made from imported plywood.

In order to help the residents de-stress from their daily chores the project will have a Fun Land and a Bowling Alley for the families. Some highlighting features of the tower are mezzanine offices and the rooftop restaurant that shows the beautiful side of Rawalpindi especially at night. Safety and security are also well taken care of as there will be CCTV cameras all around and the apartments will have intercom along the doorbells. The basement is dedicated for free car parking for residents shoppers and office persons.



    ہوم فنانس کیلکولیٹر

    • بینک
    • پراپرٹی قیمت
    • قرض کی مدت
    • بیعانہ
    • سود کی شرح
    • روپے 1.2 لاکھ ماہانہ
    • قرض کی رقم روپے 66.15 لاکھ
    • ادائیگی کی ترتیب
      سود کی رقم اصل رقم
    • رقم بینک قرض کی حد سے زیادہ ہے. زیادہ سے زیادہ حد 10 کروڑ ہے
    • 94.5 لاکھ روپے
    • بحریہ ٹاؤن فیز 8 بحریہ ٹاؤن راولپنڈی راولپنڈی میں 3 کمروں کا 6 مرلہ فلیٹ 94.5 لاکھ میں برائے فروخت۔
    • بیڈ 3
      باتھ 3
      6.3 مرلہ
    • پراپرٹی
    • اسکول
    • ریسٹورانٹ
    • ہسپتال
    • پارک
      ای میل انکوائری فارم
      اس فارم کو جمع کرکے، میں استعمال کرنے کی شرائط سے اتفاق کرتا ہوں.
      لوڈ کر رہا ہے ...