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بلیو ورلڈ سٹی، چکری روڈ، راولپنڈی، پنجاب
بلیو ورلڈ سٹی چکری روڈ راولپنڈی میں 1 کنال رہائشی پلاٹ 28 لاکھ میں برائے فروخت۔
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Blue Group of Companies has launched a housing project Blue World City Islamabad, located in the vicinity of the Federal Capital and Rawalpindi. The state-of-the-art society is the first of its kind project from CPEC developed by the Chinese themselves. The Blue World City comes as one of the most budget-friendly housing projects in the area and is highly popular among people who are looking for workable installment plans.
The society is located near the Chakri Interchange, on the main Chakri Road on the M2 Motorway Road for Lahore Islamabad. The organization is in proximity to Islamabad Airport and has a peaceful view away from the noise pollution of the urban area.
The Blue World City Islamabad is near other housing projects such as the famous Capital Smart City, Khanial Homes, University Town, Mumtaz City, Top City, and Star Argo Farms.
The society is offering the following plots for domestic and commercial uses
Residential plots for 3, 5 Marlas, 7 Marlas, 10 Marlas, and Kanal Plots of 1 and 2 Kanal
4 and 8 Kanal Farmhouses
Commercial Plots of 5 and 10 Marlas
The Blue World City comes with a three and four-year plan for installment to facilitate different investors. You can book therefor as low as 10 percent of down payment.
24 7 Availability of Basic Amenities
The area in which the corporation is located is rarely given any accessibility for basic amenities such as water, gas, and electricity. However, the developers have worked a day in and night to allow non stop access to these necessary facilities without any distortion whatsoever.

Blue Mosque Replica
Located in the capital of Turkey, Istanbul, Blue Mosque stands to be an epitome of beauty and grace that was built in the early 17th century by famous architects and designers. The Blue World City developers have been inspired by this monumental Masjid and have started working on the project. According to sources, the mosque will be able to capacitate at least 500 Muslims for prayers. The Blue Mosque is strategically selected for describing the theme of society the color blue.

Buildings of Blue World City
The society is set to become among the most significant commercial projects in the CPEC route lying in the vicinity the options for business investment are endless. The amazing society comes with a master plan created for presenting high class educational, entertainment, and other retail avenues in all areas of the project for easy accessibility of the people.

Pakistan s Largest Water Theme Park
Society is set to build the most significant water theme park in the country, having all sorts of water slides, volcanic waterfalls, wave pools, and other rides for all ages. This water theme park will be built according to the international standards for inviting tourists from all over the world and spend their vacations there by visiting this park.

The society is a well-gated community with a 24 7 security system on guard for the protection and safety of its citizens. There will be a boundary wall that adds to the overall security of the society. Also, innovative modes of security will be implemented to ensure the total safety of the area for the residents. These features will include key cards and face recognition. The blue world city comes with a full-fledge security system that comes with a CCTV monitoring system.

A responsive and fully functional police station is present in society to make sure everything runs smoothly and within the constitutional values in society.

Each sector of the Blue World City comes with a dedicated mosque with the aim to provide ease to all residents for praying. They can easily get accommodated in the mosque without having to worry about traveling to long distances. Whether Jumma prayers or Eid prayers, the mosques will be capacious enough to assist people living in the designated sector.

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