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افشاں کالونی سوِل لائنز فیصل آباد میں 10 مرلہ مکان 40 ہزار میں کرایہ پر دستیاب ہے۔

افشاں کالونی، سوِل لائنز، فیصل آباد، پنجاب
10 مرلہ

مجموعی جائزہ


  • قسممکان
  • قیمت
    PKR40 ہزار
  • مقامسوِل لائنز، فیصل آباد، پنجاب
  • باتھ-
  • رقبہ10 مرلہ
  • مقصدکرایہ پر دستیاب
  • بیڈ-
  • شامل کی3 سال پہلے


This spacious rental property can be the answer to all your space woes. Civil Lines is known for its facilities while the property value has remained stable over the years. Your future self will thank you for investing in 10 Marla property today. Finding a proper piece of real estate in a city like Afshan Colony is now easier because we have one for you. It is your dream House that you see available for Rent. This property priced at Rs 40,000 has everything you may have been looking for in an investment.
Our contact information is available for you to take action today.

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