کراچی کمرشل پلاٹ
کلفٹن ۔ بلاک 7
13237222 کمرشل پلاٹ
3,704 مربع یارڈ

مجموعی جائزہ


  • قسمکمرشل پلاٹ
  • قیمت
    PKR3.15 عرب
  • مقامکلفٹن، کراچی، سندھ
  • باتھ-
  • رقبہ3,704 مربع یارڈ
  • مقصدبرائے فروخت
  • بیڈ-
  • شامل کی2 سال پہلے


3704 sq Yard
Commercial Plot Available For Sale
In Clifton Block 7
Main Khy-Iqbal
From Original Seller
Please Contact Only Serious Buyer
Near to 3 Talwar
Most Exclusive Location
Bestest For Taste-Fully Buyers
Demand is Negotiable

Call Us For Further Details. . !!

Dear Client :
I wanted to take this opportunity to introduce myself and explain briefly
the many services that I can offer to you.
I am a real estate agent who works exclusively in your area and would
like to extend my services to you, if you should need them.
As a Professional real estate agent, my extensive knowledge of the current real estate market can help
you, or someone you know, whether you are considering buying or selling a home and for Rental
You may already be aware that as a real estate professional I can offer you many services that may not
be readily available to you. These can include the current market value of your home, area home sale
statistics and market trends, and tools only available from a professional real estate agent. I also offer
exclusive relocation services and assistance for any market in the Pakistan.
If you would like more information, or if you know of someone who is interested in buying or selling a
home, please call or email me.
Thank you for allowing me this opportunity to make this introduction and I look forward to hearing from
Your local real estate expert,


  • Plot Features
    • Possesion
    • File
    • Balloted
    • Sewerage
    • Electricity
    • Water Supply
    • Boundary Wall
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    • Nearby Hospitals
    • Nearby Shopping Malls
    • Nearby Restaurants
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    • Nearby Public Transport Service
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  • Other Facilities
    • Other Facilities

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