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Bahadurabad Pent House For Sale

بہادر آباد، گلشنِ اقبال ٹاؤن، کراچی، سندھ
Bahadurabad Pent House For SaleBahadurabad Pent House For Sale
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  • مقامگلشنِ اقبال ٹاؤن، کراچی، سندھ
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Bahadurabad pent house for sale prime location Big Pent House for Sale in Bahadurabad -central location.
Built on 325 square Yard.
Covered Area is 2400 square feet.
Separate L shape Terrace of 800 square feet.
3 Bed Rooms.
(one bed room 18/18 ft)
(2nd bed room 18/14 ft)
(3rd bed room 14/14 ft)
One Drawing room 18/18 ft (two openings. One opens from inside and the other at Terrace).
Big Kitchen 14/9 ft
One separate store Room.
Huge Lounge.
Separate Servant Room with attached bath.
Very secured and calm living.
No other neighbor or any outsider inter ferience as Lift is Lockable.
24 hour water available.
Excellent Inside and Outside view.
No nearby other Flat Project.
Excellent Garden/very old Plants maintained Terrace.
Cross Ventilation and very Airy.
Every house hold item is easily nearby accessible in the vicinity.
Prestigious locality.
Going cheap.
any time visit contact property zone our service charges only one percent commission

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