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225 Square Feet Room In Hayatabad Phase 6 For Rent

حیات آباد فیز 6، حیات آباد، پشاور، خیبر پختون خواہ
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    PKR12 ہزار
  • مقامحیات آباد، پشاور، خیبر پختون خواہ
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At Hayatabad Phase 6
the Room On Offer Can Fit Your Needs Perfectly. The Property Available To Rent Is Well-constructed With The Best Fittings. The Latest Construction Projects Of 225 Square Feet Properties Is Open For Booking, So Make A Move Before It Is Too Late. If Your Budget Allows, A Price Of Pkr Rs. 12,000 Is A Good Investment To Book Your Unit In This Project. In Hayatabad Phase 6, You Will Not Be Wanting For Any Civic Facility. For Sure, You Have Found The Perfect Property For Yourself In Peshawar.

you Can Call Us Right Away For More Information About The Project.

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