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جی ٹی روڈ
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Plot File Available At Investor Price
8 مرلہ

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  • قسمپلاٹ فائل
  • قیمت
    PKR1 لاکھ
  • مقامجی ٹی روڈ، اسلام آباد، اسلام آباد کیپیٹل
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  • رقبہ8 مرلہ
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Property Overview
Plot File For Sale
* A Huge Project Of Zedem International
* Contact for sale purchase for best offer
* Best Time To Invest At Minimum Rate And Get Maximum Profit Within A Short Time.
* Previous Project Profit Is 10 To 14 Lac According To Location.
Grab This Auspicious Opportunity To Execute Your Dreams Into Reality. Please Feel Free To Call Us.

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