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اے ایس ایف ہاؤسنگ سکیم پلاٹ فائلیں
پلاٹ فائل 32148930

اے ایس ایف ہاؤسنگ سکیم کراچی میں 5 مرلہ پلاٹ فائل 7 لاکھ میں برائے فروخت۔

اے ایس ایف ہاؤسنگ سکیم، کراچی، سندھ
125 مربع یارڈ

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  • قسمپلاٹ فائل
  • قیمت
    PKR7 لاکھ
  • مقاماے ایس ایف ہاؤسنگ سکیم، کراچی، سندھ
  • باتھ-
  • رقبہ125 مربع یارڈ
  • مقصدبرائے فروخت
  • بیڈ-
  • شامل کی2 سال پہلے


125 Sq Yd Resident Un balloted File For Sale In Less Price.
looking For A Plot File? Well, Don't Search Any Further, Because We've Got Just The Right Plot File Unit To Fit Your Bill. We Can Help You Buy This Property. Since You Are Looking For 1125 Square Feet Sized Property, This Inventory Of Ours Has Got You Covered! A Price Of Pkr Rs. 750,000 Is Quite Reasonable For The Plot File On Sale. The Plot File Is Based In The Ideal Location Of Asf Housing Scheme Which Is High In Demand. Properties In Urban Centers Are Usually Expensive. Thankfully, This Property In The Asf Housing Scheme Is Well Within Your Budgeted Requirement.

the Details Of The Property Are Listed Down Below.
in This Property, You Don't Have To Worry About Drainage As A Proper Sewerage System Is In Place.
the Project Features All Basic Utilities Including Uninterrupted Water Supply.
this Property Has A Functional Electricity Connection, So You Can Rest Easy!

further Details About The Property Can Be Discussed On Call, So Get In Touch With Us Today.

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