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فریرے ٹاؤن، کراچی، سندھ
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    PKR50 ہزار
  • مقامفریرے ٹاؤن، کراچی، سندھ
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  • رقبہ16 مربع یارڈ
  • مقصدکرایہ پر دستیاب
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  • شامل کی3 ہفتے پہلے


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50000 rent final
10 by 14
Corner columbus tower You can book your Shop today at an ideal price of PKR . A property like this for rent can be difficult to come by, so take action while it's available. Be a proud owner of the 140 Square Feet property at the best location. A similar property for this could be difficult to find elsewhere. The Shop is based in the ideal location of Frere Town which is high in demand. With new developments on the rise in Frere Town you can definitely find what you're looking for.

A few highlighting features of the property are as follows.
Stay connected with your family and friends with the facility of broadband internet access.
The ATM machines are a promising feature of the building among others.

Contact us now to know all you need to make the best property decisions!


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