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  • مقامکشمیر ہائی وے، اسلام آباد، اسلام آباد کیپیٹل
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Eighteen is partnership between Saif Group and Ora Developers (Previously ORASCOM). Spread over approximately 5000 Kanals of free hold land, it is planned to be a multipurpose development built around an 18-hole Golf Course with Hospital, Clinics, Mall, Club House, Community Centre and schools.
We have limited inventory of around 2000 housing units (1000houses & 1000 Apartments) to be built and handed over a period of 7 years. It is divided into two phases with the completion of the first starting December 2021. We have products which range from a payment period of 3 years to 4 years depending on completion dates.
The unique selling point that Eighteen offers is embodied in the choice of the Master Planners (WATG). Known to create destinations, their planning is meticulous with respect to infrastructure, services, land topography, water sustainability (2 Major catchment areas for rain water with 2 water filtration plants for irrigation) and keeping in mind the views of the houses/apartments. The development also boasts very well engineered products which have been created & Priced to suit the needs of both investors and end users.
Our project is very popular amongst expat Pakistanis because of a host of post-handover services to be offered by the management company like safe rentals & maintenance. We also pride our selves in protecting our customers with respect to pricing and market fluctuations which plague real estate investments in Pakistan. It is also noteworthy to mention that our investments come with better ROI than the rest of the market but the term for our investment should ideally be more than 2 years, this allows for the business plan to take its effect and enough room for us to maintain the high returns.
The smaller units which are offered provide a great investment opportunity and their resales are already happening in the open market with profits and constant roll over from investor to end user. Our ½ Kanal (250 Sq Yds) and 1 Kanals (500 Sq yds) are available at great prices. We also have in our inventory selected 2, 4 & 8 Kanal houses along the golf course which are built with many amenities and are the most luxurious with respect to their architecture, fitting and fixtures both civil and decorative and considerable open spaces.
Our Apartments are state of the art condominiums which are delivered with white goods (air conditioners, kitchen Equipment etc. ), the buildings have been designed keeping in view the target market and are all low-rise. These are also priced in a manner which would be beneficial for both end users and investors.
In a Real Estate Market like Pakistan which is overly active, we are offering a product which is unique and one of its kind. We are unmatched in quality and we can be compared to the biggest developers all over the world. Our Sales Purchase Agreement (SPA) is a comprehensive document which is created by the renowned lawyers of the UK (SJS Law) keeping in kind protection for overseas Pakistanis. We provide construction guarantees, structural warranties and land ownership rights through mutations and land deeds.
Please feel free to contact me if you have any further queries.

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