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پنجاب کوآپریٹو ہاؤسنگ سوسائٹی فلیٹ
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پنجاب کوآپریٹو ہاؤسنگ سوسائٹی لاہور میں 1 کمرے کا 2 مرلہ فلیٹ 22.55 لاکھ میں برائے فروخت۔

پنجاب کوآپریٹو ہاؤسنگ سوسائٹی، لاہور، پنجاب
پنجاب کوآپریٹو ہاؤسنگ سوسائٹی لاہور میں 1 کمرے کا 2 مرلہ فلیٹ 22.55 لاکھ میں برائے فروخت۔
1 بیڈ
1 باتھ
2 مرلہ

مجموعی جائزہ


  • قسمفلیٹ
  • قیمت
    PKR22.55 لاکھ
  • مقامپنجاب کوآپریٹو ہاؤسنگ سوسائٹی، لاہور، پنجاب
  • باتھ1
  • رقبہ2 مرلہ
  • مقصدبرائے فروخت
  • بیڈ1
  • شامل کی2 سال پہلے


Awami Apartments

universal Property Network (upn) Provides You Best Services In Real Estate Sector

awami Apartments Are The Low Price Apartments In Lahore That You Are Always Searching For. These Are Luxurious Apartments With Prime Location, Modern Amenities, And Mind-blowing Attractions. Awami Apartments Are A Beautiful Example Of Class And Style, Offering The Best Living Spaces To Upgrade Your Lifestyle Smartly. These Apartments Also Have Impressive Features, Which Makes Them A Suitable Option To Maximize Your Investments. Further Details Are

low Price Apartments In Lahore Location
awami Apartments Are Beautiful Living And Investment Spaces For The People Living In Lahore. This Project Is Located Ideally In Shaukat Town In The Proximity Of Punjab Housing Society Lahore. These Low Price Apartments In Lahore Are Easily Accessible When Moving From Ferozpur Road To Ghazi Road At A Short Distance. Furthermore, The Distance From Ghazi Road Is Only 8 Minute S Drive. Also, You Can Approach It Easily From Dha Phase 3 And Dha Phase 4.

the Location Of Awami Apartments Is Undoubtedly An Attraction As This Project Is Located In The Commercial Hub. Hence, It Enjoys A Central Location That Adds More Grace And Charm To Its Overall Properties.
awami Apartments Lahore Apartments Sizes And Payment Plan
awami Apartments Is A High-rise Building Project Featuring Ground 3 Floors. This Incredible Development Offers You Residential Apartments In The Sizes Of
1 Bedroom
2 Bedroom

the Sizes Of The Apartments Are Different On Every Floor. That S Why The Prices Are Different Also. However, The Starting Prices Of Apartments Are
1 Bedroom Apartment Prices 22.55 Lacs
2 Bedroom Apartments Prices 36.75 Lacs

booking Of Apartments Starts With A 30 Down Payment Which Is Around 6.75 Lacs For A 1-bed Apartment. After That, The Remaining Payment Of The Apartments Will Be Payable In 18 Monthly Installments. Also, The Payment Plan Has 08 Quarterly Installments.

universal Property Network (upn) Provides Professional Consultancy To Real Estate Investors.

development And Possession
awami Apartments Is A Developing Complex. The Grey Structure Of The First Three Floors Is Ready. Moreover, The Remaining Floors Have The Work Moving Smoothly. Awami Apartments Possession Will Be Available Within 1 Year Before The Completion Of The Easy Installments Plan.
low Price Apartments In Lahore For Residence And Rental Gains
apartments For Sale In Lahore, Especially These Awami Apartments, Are The Best To Invest In Property. These Apartments Provide You With A Chance To Own Your Apartment At Affordable Rates. Moreover, People Looking For Residential Property To Generate Handsome Rent Can Invest In These Happily.

the Location Of The Apartments And The Ongoing Development Easy Installments, Everything Together Makes Them The Right Investment Choice These Days.

universal Property Network (upn) Is The Best Real Estate Agency In Pakistan Providing Best Services To Clients In All Over The World.


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مقام اور سفر

پنجاب کوآپریٹو ہاؤسنگ سوسائٹی کا نقشہ
قریبی مقامات
لاہور کے مزید نقشے

ہوم فنانس کیلکولیٹر

اس فلیٹ پر ماہانہ قرض کا اندازہ لگائیے۔

سود کی تدبیر
گھر سہولت سکیم
ملازمت کی صورتحال
تنخواہ دار
پراپرٹی قیمت
قرض کی مدت
سود کی شرح
انتباہ : ربا کی اصل شرح زمین ڈاٹ کام پر دکھائی گئی شرح سے مختلف ہوسکتی ہیں ۔ بینک کی پالیسی کے مطابق موجودہ شرح اطلاق کے وقت لاگو ہوگی۔
ماہانہ قسطPKR22.38 ہزار
بینک فنانس کی رقمPKR15.79 لاکھ
ادائیگی کی ترتیب
سود کی رقماصل رقم

قیمت کا انڈیکس

رجحانات - پنجاب کوآپریٹو ہاؤسنگ سوسائٹی میں سب سے زیادہ تلاش کردہ مقامات