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لیک سٹی - سیکٹر M7 - بلاک بی لیک سٹی ۔ سیکٹرایم ۔ 7 لیک سٹی رائیونڈ روڈ لاہور میں 4 کمروں کا 5 مرلہ مکان 1.17 کروڑ میں برائے فروخت۔

لیک سٹی - سیکٹر M7 - بلاک بی، لیک سٹی ۔ سیکٹرایم ۔ 7، لیک سٹی، رائیونڈ روڈ، لاہور، پنجاب
لیک سٹی - سیکٹر M7 - بلاک بی لیک سٹی ۔ سیکٹرایم ۔ 7 لیک سٹی رائیونڈ روڈ لاہور میں 4 کمروں کا 5 مرلہ مکان 1.17 کروڑ میں برائے فروخت۔
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    PKR1.17 کروڑ
  • مقامرائیونڈ روڈ، لاہور، پنجاب
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SALLAR Consultants and Developers offer 5 Marla House on very cheap price; Authorized by The Lake City Administration to carry out business on behalf of this Society. Lake City is a renowned name in the Real Estate market of Pakistan. Spread over hundreds of Acers, Lake City is Pioneer in introducing First-Ever Golf Resort Residential Community. It provides a lavish lifestyle environment which is rich in modern civic and service facilities. This is an LDA approved project, complete with state-of-the-art infrastructure in a glorious environment accompanied by a scenic Lake Architecture.

* Future Hub of Southern Lahore
* Only 15 minutes drive from Allama Iqbal International Airport and 10 minutes from DHA Lahore
* Direct access from Ring Road through Lake City interchange
* Over 1000 Families Living happily and hundreds of houses under construction
* Society’s own, Power Plant with a capacity of 4 Megawatt, ensures no load shedding
* Under Ground Electrification
* Security ensured through gated sectors and round the clock patrolling
*Grand Mosque housing International Islamic library (under construction)
* Sky Zone (State of the Art, only and one of its kind, Kids Play area)
* Lake City shopping Mall with Posh design is studded with international brands (Up Coming)
* Gloria Jeans, Jades Cafe, Coffee planet, Chit Chae already functional
* Lush Green PGA standard 18 hole Golf Course with eye catching Lakes
* One of the best Cinepax (Movie theater) in Lahore with multiple screens and electric recliners
* Zoo for the entertainment of children
* Allied Bank and Faysal Bank functional and some new in the process of opening
* Medical care in the form of Pharmacy and clinic
* Lake city Mart for day to day groceries
* International Standard Froebel’s School
* Prices of Plots very reasonable
* LDA approved society therefore minimum risk and high ROI (return on investment)
* Recommended for both long term and short term investment
For Further Details and best investment Options, Please Contact Us:


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    • تعمیر کا سال: 2020
    • پارکنگ کی جگہ: 1
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    • فضلات کا رفع
    • منزلوں کی کل تعداد: 2
  • کمرہ جات
    • بیڈرومز کی تعداد: 4
    • باتھ رومز کی تعداد: 5
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    • ڈائننگ روم
    • کچنز کی تعداد: 2
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    • سٹورز کی تعداد: 1
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