کراچی پلاٹ فائلیں
جمشید ٹاؤن پلاٹ فائلیں
پی ای سی ایچ ایس پلاٹ فائلیں
پی ای سی ایچ ایس بلاک 2 پلاٹ فائلیں
پلاٹ فائل 30215185

پی ای سی ایچ ایس بلاک 2 پی ای سی ایچ ایس جمشید ٹاؤن کراچی میں 16 مرلہ پلاٹ فائل 1 کروڑ میں برائے فروخت۔

پی ای سی ایچ ایس بلاک 2، پی ای سی ایچ ایس، جمشید ٹاؤن، کراچی، سندھ
400 مربع یارڈ

مجموعی جائزہ


  • قسمپلاٹ فائل
  • قیمت
    PKR1 کروڑ
  • مقامجمشید ٹاؤن، کراچی، سندھ
  • باتھ-
  • رقبہ400 مربع یارڈ
  • مقصدبرائے فروخت
  • بیڈ-
  • شامل کی1 سال پہلے


Popular for its real estate stability, Karachi offers some of the best investment opportunities. This property comes with numerous features you'll scarcely find in any other 3600 Square Feet sized property. You don't have to search further, as this is the best Plot File that fits your requirements. What could possible get more better than a property priced at Rs 10,000,000. Plus, it has features that you'd definitely love. If you want to buy a property then don't miss out on this opportunity. The Plot File is based in the ideal location of Jamshed Town which is high in demand.

Important details of the property are listed below.
An electricity connection meets your fundamental needs here.
The property is safe and secure with security measures including a boundary wall to prevent trespassing.
This corner property enjoys the perks of both west facing properties as well as east facing properties.
The Plot File comes with all basic amenities including a working sui gas connection.
In this property, you don't have to worry about drainage as a proper sewerage system is in place.
Enjoy an unhindered water supply round the clock.

We really suggest you contact us, and we will break down all the details of this property for you.

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