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  • قسممکان
  • قیمت
    PKR40 ہزار
  • مقامڈیفینس ہومز سوسائٹی، سیالکوٹ، پنجاب
  • باتھ4
  • رقبہ6 مرلہ
  • مقصدکرایہ پر دستیاب
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  • شامل کی1 سال پہلے


Interested in 1350 Square Feet sized properties? Here is a popular option. A price tag of PKR Rs 40,000 is quite reasonable for a spacious House in Defence Homes Society. Living in Sialkot can be a dream come true so start looking for property options today. The rental unit of your dreams is available in a sought-after project. Properties in Defence Homes Society are pretty decent. So, go ahead and check it out for yourself. A well-designed House like this isn't easy to come by.

A few highlighting features of the property are as follows.
Hosting dinners will no longer be worrisome due to the expansive dining room that comes with this property.
Laundry is an essential part of household chores and what better way to do it than in a laundry room built for the same purpose.
A dedicated drawing room makes this house perfect for receiving guests at all times!

Our representative will get in touch with you quickly after you request a meeting.


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