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Agriculture Land. Available For Dairy Farming, cattle Farming, poultry Farming, fish Farming In Different Sizes.
best Time For Investment In Free Hold(maroosi) Nearest To Karachi For Details And Visit
all Your Dreams Can Come True With The Agricultural Land Which Is Available For Sale Now. Buy This Property And You Will Not Have Any Regrets. Make Use Of The Best Offer Available On 43560 Square Feet Properties Right Now. Seeking Good Investment Opportunity Starting From Rs. 1,000,000? Look No Further As This Is The Right Choice For You. You Will Find No Problem Living In Thatta As It Has All The Amenities. Get Your Chunk Of Urban Living With Property In Thatta.

know More About The Property With The Details Given Below.
immediate Possession Of The Properties Is Available.
consistent And Active Electricity Connections Are In Place.

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