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1 Kanal Brand New Hose In State Life Phase 1 Block E For Sale

اسٹیٹ لائف فیز 1 - بلاک ای، اسٹیٹ لائف ہاؤسنگ فیز 1، اسٹیٹ لائف ہاؤسنگ سوسائٹی، لاہور، پنجاب
1 Kanal Brand New Hose In State Life Phase 1 Block E For Sale
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1 Kanal brand new House, Sector-E, State Life Phase 1, Lahore.

A+ Construction, Branded Cement + Bricks + Steel + imported Wood Used In House Heating And Cooling System Installed As well, What An Amazing Homing Design On Arriving To This Grand Home You Are Sure To Be Impressed.
The Home Offers A Wonderful Presence with A Generous 5300sqm (Approx. ). Built In 2018 The Home Is Set on An Elevated 50 Front Lot And Depth 90.

5 Master Size Bedrooms Attached Bathrooms. All baths are equipped with Original
Grohe fittings plus Branded Commode, Also equipped Jacuzzi Massager
Wash rooms are completely covered by Spanish tiles
Amazing wood work, all Solid teak wood / ash wood used in Bungalow
Berloani Master Size fully Loaded 10 Year Warranted Kitchen
with practical implementation of all appliances for cooking ,Including Fridge / Cooking Hob / Microwave ,Service kitchen / small kitchen built with the same style of outer kitchen Spacious dirty kitchen Top Made With Koriaan ,Lights provision in all cabinets of kitchen.

House is located infront of park and its based on corner plot as well. Just 2 Mints Drive to Commercial area from premises.

Complete wiring of UPS and Generator Backup. Solid steel work used for outside main gate
Complete 4 walls tiled / Granite / wooden flooring. All the construction near and adjacent to house is new Spacious green belt Planters all around the green belt, Beautiful lawn with complete variety of planters.
Side streets are proper covered with tiles

Fall Ceiling done all over including bed rooms / drawing / dinning and kitchen
Heat protection is given in roofs while constructing the home
Protection sheets installed at upper portion to keep both portions cool in summers
Solid stairs built with steel frame work and granite used in outer
Main beauty of the house is the patio. Located in the mid of house that gives a evergreen fresh feeling from all the rooms and tv lounge
Washing area is elegantly managed at the back side of house
Servant quarter with attached bath. A mid size family can easily live in it.
Good sizes of washrooms with large wardrobes in it.
Rain showers are installed in washrooms
superb elevation
Waterfalls in the main lawn that give exquisite feel
Exclusive views from the terrace. Spacious terrace where one can easily have good walk and reasonable sitting area.
Bar B Q area provision in the main lawn. Bar B Q area can also be managed at the upper portion.
Aluminum grills all over the house
Club Community Center and graveyard is just 5 minutes away.
All the basic necessities of life are available.
All the basic utilities are available including connections of water / sewerage / gas and electricity.

We have many other properties available for sale in different phases the list are mentioned here.
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• U – 705 Demand 130 Lacs
• Y– 2298 Demand 130 Lacs

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• Z4 – 659 Demand 43 Lacs

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• D –707 Demand 61 Lacs

For further details contact us on

Muhammad Usman Shahid

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