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Buying a Commercial Building in Sector G-9

Located in the country’s capital city of Islamabad, Sector G-9 is nestled within Zone 1 and is surrounded by other sectors on all sides, with the prominent ones being G-8 and F-9 Park. Zone 1 is Islamabad’s residential hub, having sectors from D to I, with sector D being the newest addition to the zone. Meanwhile, G-9 is one of Islamabad’s oldest sectors, with road access from the 9th Avenue and the Kashmir Highway. It is further divided into 4 subsectors. The major routes for commute within Sector G-9 are Kurram Road, Neelum Road, Rohtas Road and Mangla Road.

Types of Commercial Buildings in Sector G-9

Islamabad offers amazing potential for those looking for a commercial property for sale. This is because the city has several new residential and commercial projects under development, which are not only raising the worth of local real estate, but also bringing more investors into town. For those looking to make an investment within Sector G-9, commercial buildings can range from 1.8 to 14.2 Marla, with the most popular listings being for 5.3 Marla commercial buildings. Some commercial projects are also available with sizes of 1 to 2 Kanal.

Sale Price Trends for Commercial Buildings in Sector G-9

Most of the commercial real estate being sold in Sector G-9 is located in G-9/4. Alternately, for buying a shop or office, your search should focus on G-9 Markaz which is the sector’s commercial centre. The G-9 Markaz is also known locally as the Karachi Company Shopping Centre. The prices for commercial buildings in the sector start from PKR 1.6 to 24 Crore, with properties of about 5 Marla ranging from PKR 5 to 9.5 Crore.

Facilities & Security in Sector G-9

Islamabad, being the country’s capital, has a high level of security, with well-organised residential and commercial areas. The sector is well maintained and beautifully landscaped, having several schools, parks and even a football ground within its limits. Several banks like HBL, NBP, Meezan Bank and more, have branches located within its Markaz. The commercial hub of this sector also has a Railway Ticketing Office, as well as an office of TCS and Pakistan Post, so that you can stay in contact with loved ones in other parts of the country. Daewoo also has a stop in the midst of Sector G-9, if you want to explore other parts of Punjab via its services.

Shopping & Restaurants in Sector G-9

As the sector is mostly residential with beautifully landscaped parks and communal areas, the only commercial hub is the G-9 Markaz, along with a few corner shops located amid different residential blocks. Thus, customers flock to the Markaz from the surrounding residential community to buy everything from groceries to furniture, books, clothes, medicines and more. The area not only has an array of storefront properties but also contains newly built shops for more high-end brands and eateries. A few of the locally present stores include Outfitters’ Factory Outlet and an outlet for Levi’s, as well as shops of Bata, Servis and Hush Puppies to help you find the most comfortable footwear. The Darbar Restaurant, as well as Tehzeeb Bakers and Shikarpuri Sweets, are just a few of the many food shops you can find here.

Reasons for Investing in Sector G-9

The key to investing in commercial space is to have a location that is easily accessible, both to the clients as well as the employees. Considering that G-9 is surrounded by other sectors within the residential Zone 1, while also having its own centrally located commercial hub, the potential for attracting customers and earning a profit is a lot more. Sector G-9 is home to a number of government officials and middle-income families, and as long as you price your wares accordingly, investing in the area can be a profitable venture.