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      Commercial Properties for Sale in Islamabad

      Commercial properties in Pakistan are generally considered a more lucrative option — in terms of returns on investment (ROI). Islamabad is the federal capital of Pakistan and is thereby amongst the most stable real estate markets of the country. Commercial properties for sale in Islamabad include warehouses, office space, buildings, and shops. It is important to understand factors such as location, footfall, price bracket, and the resale value of the property in question — before investing in any commercial property for sale in Islamabad. Moreover ,commercial properties usually generate a higher monthly yield and capital gains.

      The city of Islamabad has the highest literacy rate, and is well-equipped with modern medical and educational facilities, and infrastructure. The city is the home to many senior bureaucratic elites, ministers, and businessmen, as it is the federal capital of Pakistan.  

      Where can you find commercial properties in Islamabad for sale?

      If you are planning to invest in commercial properties in Islamabad, the city has several new developments for you to explore, including some well-established options as well like Bahria Town, Defence Housing Authority (DHA), and Gulberg. These areas have successfully managed to pique investors' interest. They are considered to be the up-and-coming commercial investment opportunities in Islamabad.

      Blue area is the oldest and well-located commercial center in the city. An extension of the Blue Area Islamabad is underway. Besides these, Zameen Ace Mall, 68 High Street, and Mall 35 are also offering shops, kiosks, and commercial spaces for sale in Islamabad. These are also considered as good investment opportunities by the local investor fraternity. 

      Factors to consider when Buying a Commercial Property for Sale in Islamabad

      While buying a commercial property for sale in Islamabad, the most important factors, that need to be considered, include:

      1. Area location & price range
      2. Topography & design 
      3. Structural modifying options (for future expansion)
      4. No pending litigation or disputes
      5. Maintenance cost

      As the country faces accommodation shortages, the demand for houses is proportional to the increase in population, leaving the demand for commercial property lower than that of the residential property. 

      Price of Commercial property for sale in Islamabad:

      The price of a commercial property for sale in Islamabad depends largely on the area of the property and its location. There are different types of commercial properties available for sale in Islamabad, including shops, offices, warehouses, factories, buildings, and commercial plots. It is important to understand the fact that the price of commercial property in DHA Islamabad will be different from the price of one in Bahria Town Islamabad. Commercial properties are slightly priced higher than the residential properties as they are primarily aimed at generating capital. When looking for a commercial property for sale in Islamabad, it is important to have a minimum budget of PKR 20 lakh. 

      Why Invest in commercial properties for sale in Islamabad?

      A person whose approach towards investing is risk-averse prone, the real estate market of Islamabad is a great opportunity for them to invest in, as it remains more stable than any local real estate market in the country. Moreover, the city is also very safe and secure, and is well-maintained throughout the year. The capital city has several important government offices, along with offices of several multinational companies, which gives you a great chance to earn monthly income through renting out commercial offices or buildings.