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Flats for sale in Bahria Apartments Karachi

Why buy flats for sale in Bahria Apartments?

Karachi, the city of lights, is the largest city in Pakistan — by population. The country is facing an overall housing shortage, and a solution to this is the growing trend of vertical constructions that are springing up across the nation. Bahria Town Ltd established ‘Bahria Town Karachi’ as a solution to this problem. Similarly, the emergence of Bahria Apartments also falls under vision.  Bahria Town Karachi spans over 46,000 acres and offers a quality living experience as its amenities are at par with the international standards. Bahria Town is divided into at least 31 precincts, including Bahria Apartments. Buying a flat for sale here is a very enticing option owing to the committed development resolution of Bahria Town.

Buying a flat for sale in Bahria Apartments allows you to take advantage of these world-class provisions, which will make your life easier, comfortable, and most importantly, safer than the rest of the city. There is frequent patrolling, in the housing society, of its large security force, on cars and bikes, along with the 24/7 monitoring and surveillance via its extensive CCTV installations. 

What are the types of flats available for sale in Bahria Apartments?

The developers of Bahria Apartments ensured that its dwellers can enjoy a premium living experience, for which almost all the available facilities and amenities reflect world-class quality and exclusivity. The infrastructural development of Bahria Apartments is also completed with international standards in mind, therefore, buying a flat for sale in Bahria Apartments enables you with facilities and amenities unlike any other. Bahria Apartments come in sizes of 2-, 3-, and 4-bed units with ultra-modern design schemes and international fittings and fixtures — making Bahria Apartments a unique beacon of luxury.

Types of flats available for sale in Bahria Apartments



4- bed

What is the sales price trend of flats in Bahria Apartments?

You can find several flats for sale in Bahria Apartments at reasonable prices. The price for a 2-bed flat for sale in Bahria Apartments ranges from PKR 25 lakh to PKR 90 lakh. The price for 3-bed flats for sale in Bahria Apartments falls between PKR 80 lakh and PKR 2 crore, while the 4-bed flats will cost you from PKR 1.12 crore and PKR 2.8 crore. The reason for this price variation is that there are a few flats located near Jinnah Avenue, while some high-end apartments are located in the Dominion Mall. Needless to say, a unit located on the ground floor will cost more than the one located on the top floor. Moreover, the flats facing parks and are situated near the main entrance, fall under a higher price bracket.

Sales Price Trend of flats in Bahria Apartments


PKR 25 lakh — PKR 90 lakh


PKR 80 lakh — PKR 2 crore


PKR 1.12 crore — PKR 2.8 crore

Why invest in flats for sale in Bahria Apartments?

Apart from the provision of world-class facilities and amenities to facilitate genuine buyers, the properties being developed by Bahria Town Ltd are also highly sought-after in the real estate investors’ community. The reason for this success is the commitment and timely delivery of units developed by Bahria Town Ltd. All types of returns on investment (ROI) are possible here — be it short, medium, or long-term goals, investing in flats for sale in Bahria Apartments will always have a possibility of being fruitful for you.