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    Buying a Flat in Gadap Town

    The properties of Karachi are as diverse as the city itself since it serves people of all backgrounds and socio-economic classes.

    Gadap Town is a popular area among middle-income groups. It is located just beside the Hub River and counted in the Malir district. The town is divided into 8 union councils namely Manghopir, Yusuf Goth, Maymarabad, Gadap, Darsanno Channo, Songal, Gujjro, and Murad Memon. Gadap itself is even bigger than most of the towns in Karachi area-wise. The town is 1,200 square kilometres and houses more than 300,000 people.

    Types of Flats in Gadap Town

    Investment in the real estate of Gadap Town is growing each year, slowly but steadily. A few of its sub-areas like Surjani Town, Gulshan-e-Maymar, Ahsanabad, Saima Arabian Villas, and Sherwani Royal Suits are being developed with a huge number of apartment complexes. These buildings feature newly-built contemporary flats with modern interiors and fittings. You also have the freedom to choose between the floors. If you have an elderly person in the family, you might want to get an apartment on the first floor. For smaller families, 2-bedroom apartments are available. Bigger families can opt for 3 and 4-bedroom flats. The area size is also important when buying a flat. Sometimes even 2-bedroom flats are more spacious than 3-bedroom ones.

    Sale Price Trend for Flats in Gadap Town

    The flats that are up for sale are priced mainly according to the bedroom count. However, some other factors like parking, electricity and water backups, condition, interiors, and fittings also impact the sale prices. Even its proximity to commercial centres influences the final price. According to the bedroom count, 2 bedroom apartments in Gadap Town have a sale price usually between PKR 23 lakh and 80 lakh. For 3 bedrooms, the sale price goes from PKR 25 lakh to 85 lakh. For 4 bedroom flats, the asking price is usually between PKR 30 and PKR 70 lakh.

    Facilities & Security in Gadap Town

    Both rural and urban populations live in Gadap Town. So, the facilities here are provided accordingly. The security is very strict in Gulshan-e-Maymar, Ahsanabad, and Surjani Town. As far as basic utilities are concerned, all the areas receive them sufficiently. The main water source is Hub Dam and Wapda grid stations provide electricity to the whole town. For recreation, the residents have water parks, resorts, a zoo, and farmhouses. These don’t only serve local residents but people from the main city as well.

    Schools, Universities & Hospitals in Gadap Town

    Gadap Town has plenty of schools that serve a population mostly comprising middle-income and low-income groups. There is a variety of both private and government schools consisting of Hamdard Public School, Khyber Grammar School, GBSS Haqani, and TCF Saya Foundation Campus. For those who are seeking a higher education degree, Govt. Degree Science and Arts College Muradabad is the only option. Although, in nearby areas, there are some prominent institutes like Shaheed Benazir Bhutto City University, Al-Tibri Medical College, and Baqai University.

    Almost all of the hospitals, clinics and dispensaries in Gadap Town provide good healthcare facilities to residents. People living in rural councils, like Memon Goth or Kathore, might have to travel far, in case of a medical emergency. However, urban councils like Gadap and Maymarabad house a number of healthcare facilities, including Aga Hospital, Shifa-ul-Mulk Memorial Hospital, and Afsar Memorial Hospital.

    Shopping & Restaurants in Gadap Town

    There aren’t any major shopping facilities like malls and plazas in Gadap Town. There are only a few eateries lined along Super Highway, but these establishments are quite popular among Karachiites. Residents from the main city often visit these local restaurants that include a number of chai dhaabas. The most famous names in the area are Metro Highway Restaurant, Al Jannat Family Restaurant, Bumbai Koila Karahi Restaurant, and Al Habib Restaurant.