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Located in the Hazara region of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Abbottabad is a serene, tranquil, and beautiful city known for several reasons. The city enjoys amazing weather, has high-standard educational facilities, and is a highly popular tourist spot, which means that real estate in Abbottabad is also in high demand. A hill station positioned 110 kilometres north of Islamabad, the gorgeous city is in close proximity to the picturesque Azad Kashmir.

Due to its attractive subtropical climate, Abbottabad is preferred as a place of residence and as a vacation destination, leading to an increasing demand for houses in Abbottabad and considerable demand for plots in Abbottabad. One of the most surprising aspects of real estate in Abbottabad is that prices have seldom plunged and are usually constantly on the rise. This trend was observed even after the implementation of the new tax regime, as there was a consistent demand for property in Abbottabad because of genuine buyers from other cities in the region.

The city also hosts world-class healthcare facilities, ensuring that residents are not devoid of timely and effective medical treatment. This significantly increases the attractiveness of this hill station as a potential place of residence, and thus causes a boost in the prices of property in Abbottabad. Moreover, as the city has a very low crime rate, houses in Abbottabad are generally safe and secure which is a very important factor, leading to an escalation in the prices of property in Abbottabad.

Genuine buyers prefer Abbottabad property because of its close proximity to the capital city, Islamabad, and because the city has easy access to necessary utilities such as gas and electricity. While utility connections are not as easily provided in other hill stations, most areas in Abbottabad have gas and electricity connections, making the experience of purchasing property in Abbottabad more convenient.

Although the city has an adequate commercial sector, there are not many shopping malls in the area which is a need that must be fulfilled soon by the Abbottabad real estate sector. Moreover, as the city's population increases because of migration of residents from other cities in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, there is a dire need for appropriate shopping and recreational facilities.

Another aspect that is currently overlooked but deserves attention in Abbottabad real estate is the development of high-end hospitality facilities including hotels, guesthouses, and other similar facilities. With a high influx of tourists, hotels, guesthouses, and even apartments in Abbottabad can offer an adequate return in terms of rental income.

Some popular localities in Abbottabad include Habibullah Colony, Jinnahabad, Jhangi Syedan, Shahzaman Colony, Sir Syed Colony, Bilal Town, and others. All of these residential projects offer both plots in Abbottabad and houses in Abbottabad, allowing buyers to choose what is most adequate.

Purchasing property in Abbottabad positioned in low-lying areas may be problematic because of floods during the monsoon season while investors can rest assured that the price of property in this area usually enjoys a steady increase or remains constant. Abbottabad, the city of all seasons, also experiences snow in December and/or January, creating a need for adequate heating for houses in Abbottabad. Get in touch directly with real estate agents dealing in Abbottabad realty market.