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  • Price Information
    Rs 3 Million, 500 Thousand
    Rs 35 Lakh
    PKR 3,500,000
    CAD 33,609
    SAR 94,615
    AED 92,653
    GBP 19,814
    USD 25,225
    700,000 per Marla
    6,722 per Marla
    18,923 per Marla
    18,531 per Marla
    3,963 per Marla
    5,045 per Marla
    PKR35 Lakh has a dedicated team that conducts site
    visits to take high-res pictures and verify key details
    for every property, such as the advertiser contact
    information and status (owner or agent), and on-ground
    facts like locality or society name, property type,
    number of bedrooms, bathrooms and parking availability.
    Please note that does not verify property
    deeds or ownership details. does not take responsibility for the prices
    quoted by advertisers. Property prices are subject to
    fluctuations based on market conditions and other factors.
    Model Avenue, Bahawalpur
    Land Area
    1125.00 sqft
    125.00 Sq. Yd.
    104.52 Sq. M.
    5.00 Marla
    0.25 Kanal
    5 Marla

    5 Marla Single Storey House For Sale

    5 Marla Single Storey House For Sale 2 Bedroom 1 Drawing Room 1 Tv Lounge 1 Kitchen 3 Washrooms 1... more
    Added: 1 month ago
  • Price Information
    Rs 8 Million
    Rs 80 Lakh
    PKR 8,000,000
    CAD 76,820
    SAR 216,262
    AED 211,778
    GBP 45,289
    USD 57,658
    653,120 per Marla
    6,272 per Marla
    17,656 per Marla
    17,290 per Marla
    3,697 per Marla
    4,707 per Marla
    PKR80 Lakh
    Model Avenue, Bahawalpur
    Land Area
    2756.00 sqft
    306.22 Sq. Yd.
    256.04 Sq. M.
    12.25 Marla
    0.61 Kanal
    12.2 Marla

    Brand New Single Storey House Available For Sale

    Tv Lounge, D/D, Marble and Tile Floor, 2 Car Porch. Location : JaJa Town near Model Avenue Prime... more
    Added: 28 months ago (Updated: 5 months ago)
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