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Faisalabad is one of the fastest growing cities of Pakistan, and the second largest in the Punjab. Originally known as Lyallpur, it was one of the first planned cities developed when India was under the British Raj. It is a major industrial city and distribution centre and contributes significantly to the GDP. Faisalabad, with its many mills and factories, is the backbone of textile industry in Pakistan. It is also important as an agricultural producer, with cotton, wheat, and sugarcane crop production in the nearby countryside and irrigated by the Chenab River. Faisalabad also boasts an international airport and the Faisalabad Arts Council Building, designed by the great architect Nayyer Ali Dada.

While the larger cities of Pakistan have become crowded and high-priced, the Faisalabad real estate market is emerging and has great margin for growth. Faisalabad is fast developing, meaning that now is the time to capitalise on this up-and-coming new property market which offers many opportunities for smart investment. Though well-known as an industrial city, the Faisalabad property market has been on our radar recently because of several new and promising housing schemes, meaning that residential plots in Faisalabad are worth considering. Citi Housing, for example, is one project that is a secure investment.

Not only this, but Faisalabad has a fast growing commercial sector as well. Faisalabad has become one of the major shopping centres in the Punjab, with outlets of all the fashionable brands. Malls and mixed-use commercial buildings are gaining popularity; any brand that wishes to be nationally recognised should be present in the commercial sector of Faisalabad. Exciting new Faisalabad projects such as The Grand Atrium, Paradise Atrium and Lyallpur Galleria offer ideal commercial locations, and are also attracting investors. While the industrial sector was previously a popular choice for investment, the trend has turned in favour of commercial property in Faisalabad. offers unique and renowned services that fulfil the needs of independent buyers, sellers and real estate agents from all over Pakistan. Whether you are looking for commercial property, plots, or houses in Faisalabad, has thousands of listings and can help you find exactly what you need. Therefore, if you are interested in investing in Faisalabad's real estate sector, make use of the portal's comprehensive database. Many renowned property dealers in Faisalabad are registered with the site, which is the largest property portal of Pakistan. This list includes commercial and residential properties from all societies including Eden Garden, Eden Valley, WAPDA City and Citi Housing.