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  • Price Information
    Rs 31 Million
    Rs 3 Crore, 10 Lakh
    PKR 31,000,000
    CAD 295,284
    SAR 835,588
    AED 818,311
    GBP 172,752
    USD 222,782
    4,810,345 per Marla
    45,820 per Marla
    129,660 per Marla
    126,979 per Marla
    26,806 per Marla
    34,570 per Marla
    PKR3.1 Crore
    Blue Area - Block G, Blue Area
    Land Area
    1450.00 sqft
    161.11 Sq. Yd.
    134.71 Sq. M.
    6.44 Marla
    0.32 Kanal
    6.4 Marla

    Blue Area Main Janna Avenue 1st Floor

    Blue Area Main Janna Avenues 1st Floor 1450 Sq Feet Margala Facing Prime Location Flat 3 Bed... more
    Added: 1 week ago (Updated: 1 week ago)
  • Price Information
    Rs 25 Million
    Rs 2 Crore, 50 Lakh
    PKR 25,000,000
    CAD 238,132
    SAR 673,861
    AED 659,928
    GBP 139,316
    USD 179,663
    3,750,000 per Marla
    35,720 per Marla
    101,079 per Marla
    98,989 per Marla
    20,897 per Marla
    26,949 per Marla
    PKR2.5 Crore
    Blue Area, Islamabad
    Land Area
    1500.00 sqft
    166.67 Sq. Yd.
    139.35 Sq. M.
    6.67 Marla
    0.33 Kanal
    6.7 Marla

    1500 Sq Ft Flat For Sale

    Very Good Location Flat For Sale In Blue Area Islamabad Golden Opportunity For Investor With... more
    Added: 3 weeks ago
  • Price Information
    Rs 19 Million, 400 Thousand
    Rs 1 Crore, 94 Lakh
    PKR 19,400,000
    CAD 184,791
    SAR 522,916
    AED 512,104
    GBP 108,109
    USD 139,418
    4,500,000 per Marla
    42,864 per Marla
    121,295 per Marla
    118,787 per Marla
    25,077 per Marla
    32,339 per Marla
    PKR1.94 Crore
    Blue Area, Islamabad
    Land Area
    970.00 sqft
    107.78 Sq. Yd.
    90.12 Sq. M.
    4.31 Marla
    0.22 Kanal
    4.3 Marla

    F-8 Elysium Tower Blue Area - We Offer 1 Bed Luxury Apartments For Sale - Booking Start Now

    Elysium Tower Blue Area in front of Centaurus & PIMS Hospital We offer 1, 2, bed Luxury... more
    Added: 3 months ago
  • Price Information
    Rs 35 Million
    Rs 3 Crore, 50 Lakh
    PKR 35,000,000
    CAD 333,385
    SAR 943,406
    AED 923,900
    GBP 195,042
    USD 251,528
    570,776 per Marla
    5,437 per Marla
    15,385 per Marla
    15,067 per Marla
    3,181 per Marla
    4,102 per Marla
    PKR3.5 Crore
    Blue Area, Islamabad
    Land Area
    13797.00 sqft
    1533.00 Sq. Yd.
    1281.78 Sq. M.
    61.32 Marla
    3.07 Kanal
    3.1 Kanal

    Flat For Sale In Blue Area

    1st Floor Flat For Sale In Blue Area Jinnah Avenue, 2 Bed Rooms With Attached Bath Room, Kitchen, 2... more
    Added: 2 months ago (Updated: 2 months ago)
  • Price Information
    Rs 40 Million
    Rs 4 Crore
    PKR 40,000,000
    CAD 381,012
    SAR 1,078,178
    AED 1,055,885
    GBP 222,905
    USD 287,460
    4,455,446 per Marla
    42,439 per Marla
    120,094 per Marla
    117,611 per Marla
    24,829 per Marla
    32,019 per Marla
    PKR4 Crore
    Blue Area, Islamabad
    Land Area
    2020.00 sqft
    224.44 Sq. Yd.
    187.66 Sq. M.
    8.98 Marla
    0.45 Kanal
    9 Marla

    2020 Sq Ft Flat For Sale Near Centaurus Shopping Mall

    An ideally located 2020 sq ft fully furnished flat is available for immediate sale. Incoming rent... more
    Added: 2 months ago
  • Price Information
    Rs 17 Million, 500 Thousand
    Rs 1 Crore, 75 Lakh
    PKR 17,500,000
    CAD 166,693
    SAR 471,703
    AED 461,950
    GBP 97,521
    USD 125,764
    2,625,000 per Marla
    25,004 per Marla
    70,755 per Marla
    69,293 per Marla
    14,628 per Marla
    18,865 per Marla
    PKR1.75 Crore
    Blue Area, Islamabad
    Land Area
    1500.00 sqft
    166.67 Sq. Yd.
    139.35 Sq. M.
    6.67 Marla
    0.33 Kanal
    6.7 Marla

    1500 Sq. ft Flat At Fazl E Haq Road Blue Area

    An Ideally Located 1500 Sq Ft 4th Floor Corner Flat Is Available For Immediate Sale With Possession... more
    Added: 3 months ago (Updated: 2 months ago)
  • Price Information
    Rs 19 Million, 500 Thousand
    Rs 1 Crore, 95 Lakh
    PKR 19,500,000
    CAD 185,743
    SAR 525,612
    AED 514,744
    GBP 108,666
    USD 140,137
    2,925,000 per Marla
    27,861 per Marla
    78,842 per Marla
    77,212 per Marla
    16,300 per Marla
    21,021 per Marla
    PKR1.95 Crore
    Blue Area, Islamabad
    Land Area
    1500.00 sqft
    166.67 Sq. Yd.
    139.35 Sq. M.
    6.67 Marla
    0.33 Kanal
    6.7 Marla

    1500 Sq Ft Flat Available Jinnah Avenue Blue Area Islamabad

    An Ideally Located 3rd Floor Flat Located At Main Jinnah Avenue Is Available For Sale. Expected... more
    Added: 3 months ago
  • Price Information
    Rs 45 Million
    Rs 4 Crore, 50 Lakh
    PKR 45,000,000
    CAD 428,638
    SAR 1,212,950
    AED 1,187,871
    GBP 250,769
    USD 323,393
    5,014,859 per Marla
    47,768 per Marla
    135,173 per Marla
    132,378 per Marla
    27,946 per Marla
    36,039 per Marla
    PKR4.5 Crore
    Blue Area - Block F, Blue Area
    Land Area
    2019.00 sqft
    224.33 Sq. Yd.
    187.57 Sq. M.
    8.97 Marla
    0.45 Kanal
    9 Marla

    Centaurus Mall Islamabad Flat For Sale

    A nice and beautifully built 2019 Square Feet Flat is up for sale. Interested buyers can visit the... more
    Added: 2 weeks ago
  • Price Information
    Rs 29 Million
    Rs 2 Crore, 90 Lakh
    PKR 29,000,000
    CAD 276,233
    SAR 781,679
    AED 765,517
    GBP 161,606
    USD 208,409
    3,262,500 per Marla
    31,076 per Marla
    87,939 per Marla
    86,121 per Marla
    18,181 per Marla
    23,446 per Marla
    PKR2.9 Crore
    Blue Area, Islamabad
    Land Area
    2000.00 sqft
    222.22 Sq. Yd.
    185.81 Sq. M.
    8.89 Marla
    0.44 Kanal
    8.9 Marla

    Khyber Plaza Beautifully Designed

    Beautifully Designed 2 Flats For Sale. Ideal location. Reasonable Demand. Nice constructed... more
    Added: 4 months ago
  • Price Information
    Rs 30 Million, 989 Thousand
    Rs 3 Crore, 9 Lakh, 89 Thousand
    PKR 30,989,000
    CAD 295,179
    SAR 835,292
    AED 818,021
    GBP 172,690
    USD 222,703
    4,275,000 per Marla
    40,721 per Marla
    115,230 per Marla
    112,848 per Marla
    23,823 per Marla
    30,722 per Marla
    PKR3.1 Crore
    Elysium Mall, Blue Area
    Land Area
    1631.00 sqft
    181.22 Sq. Yd.
    151.52 Sq. M.
    7.25 Marla
    0.36 Kanal
    7.2 Marla

    2 Bed Flat For Sale

    2 bedroom flat for sale on the 14th floor, margalla/constitution avenue facing. Only September and... more
    Added: 4 months ago
  • Price Information
    Rs 25 Million
    Rs 2 Crore, 50 Lakh
    PKR 25,000,000
    CAD 238,132
    SAR 673,861
    AED 659,928
    GBP 139,316
    USD 179,663
    3,571,429 per Marla
    34,019 per Marla
    96,266 per Marla
    94,275 per Marla
    19,902 per Marla
    25,666 per Marla
    PKR2.5 Crore
    Blue Area, Islamabad
    Land Area
    1575.00 sqft
    175.00 Sq. Yd.
    146.32 Sq. M.
    7.00 Marla
    0.35 Kanal
    7 Marla

    House For Sale

    7 Marla House For Sale House is available for Sale. Ideal Location. Best Options for living... more
    Added: 6 months ago
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More About Blue Area Islamabad

Community Life in Blue Area

Blue Area is the playground for the blue blooded elite residing in not just Islamabad properties sector but Pakistan as well. Islamabad is generally regarded as one of the most expensive cities of the world and also of the whole country. In this regard, Islamabad Blue Area takes the lead and adds its own inflated price tag to the already high cost of living. From the price of bread and butter, to the value of houses and plots, you would find everything expensive. That is why it’s only the rich of the rich which come flocking to this area. It’s primarily a commercial area but residential sectors too are sprouting here and there.

The biggest addition in the residential area of both the city and that of Pakistan properties sector, undoubtedly, is the Centaurus Towers that is one of the biggest commercial as well as residential projects not just in the capital but also in Pakistan. Work on the project is still underway but upon completion, the Centaurus Tower will host an array of residential apartments is the priceless locality, right in the heart of the beautiful capital city. WS Atkins, the globally renowned architect of the project, also has a number of other high profile projects to its credit. The Centaurus Tower will have one of the biggest malls in the country, a hotel as well as the honour of being the tallest (yet) residential tower in the country.

Living in Blue Area Islamabad is nothing less than royal. Jinnah Avenue, which is also known as Khayaban-e-Jinnah, boasts a cluster of some of the tallest buildings in Pakistan. So if you’re living in an apartment that faces Jinnah Avenue, you’re not just buying a superb residential apartment but also a spectacular view from the window that bares the very soul of everything Islamabad Blue Area is about. The view can vary from skyscrapers to worm of traffic snaking up and down the length of the massive six lane road of Jinnah Avenue. The scene can especially be breathtaking in the rainy season when the downpour can wash the city so clean that it sparkles.

Amidst the few apartments here and there, Blue Area Islamabad is the hub of all kinds of commercial activity. The beautifully laid down network of roads provides easy access to not just the hospitals but also to the various high profile school which brush up the skills of children of the ruling elite. The Islamabad International School especially is known for being one of the foremost educational institutes of the city. Other than that the Global System of Integrated Studies and Convent are two of the most famous schools in the area. Jinnah Super, which generally sells things that are neither needed nor can be afforded by the middle class, is the shopping place of choice in Blue Area Islamabad.

Living in Blue Area Islamabad means that you can afford the best. The property prices of this locality are highest than anywhere else in Pakistan. Generally, the population of Blue Area does not find itself in need of the local transport to go around but if and when you do, you can find plenty of taxis in the area which may also cost you slightly more than average.

All in all, living in Blue Area is a privilege not many can afford.

Overview of Blue Area Islamabad

Blue Area Islamabad serves as the business and entertainment playground of the blue blooded elite of both Islamabad and Pakistan. The Blue Area is the luxurious amongst the luxurious and represents the very air our Islamabadi aristocracy breaths in. As a commercial and business hub, it is the epicentre of mega structures as well as the corporate offices which have the country's economic lifeline pulsing under their thumb. This area stands as the very representative of everything elite, posh and federal. All of this can be felt and seen in its roads, buildings, shopping centres and commercial plazas all of which seem to repel everything mediocre and white collar.

Perhaps that is the reason why you won’t see many mediocre people roaming around in the area. Blue Area Islamabad is at the top of the Islamabad real estate sector as the prices of the property in this specific area are the highest. The high prices are just as well reflected in almost everything in the Blue Area from the price tags of goods in its shopping centres to the rates of food items on menu of its restaurants. The high society culture pulsates through the bricks and buildings in Blue Area Islamabad which is why it is regarded as the ultimate property in Pakistan. The upscale and high-end shopping plazas in this area cater and pamper the needs of the local elite class that seems to harbour a particular disliking for anything of poor quality (read non-imported or cheap).

As far as the theory goes, Blue Area got its name because of the blue colour which represented this area on the city's initial master plan. Blue Area Islamabad runs parallel to Khayaban-e-Quaid-e-Azam. It is very well connected from all around and offers a quick route to the major government buildings in the capital city. In the northwest, it is linked by Nazimuddin Road while in the southeast it opens into A KM Fazl-ul-Haq Road. Blue Area has gotten even bluer when it came to the limelight after major international investors began working on their projects within this area.

The Blue Area Islamabad is home to a number of really important buildings and structures in Pakistan. The Islamabad Stock Exchange building is perhaps the most important building there. As far as the city of Islamabad is concerned, Islamabad Stock Exchange building is the tallest structure in the city and is amongst the top ten skyscrapers of Pakistan. Some of the other important buildings in the area are Oil and Gas Development Company headquarters, United Bank Limited, Telecom Tower Islamabad and the Saudi-Pak Tower.

The Centaurus is a mammoth project for the Islamabad real estate sector and is currently under construction. It is designed by the renowned British architects WS Atkins, who has had the honour of working on various other prestigious projects around the globe. Upon completion, the Centaurus tower will host an array of residential apartments, luxury flats, corporate offices and a seven star hotel. Various upscale shopping malls that are sprouting in different cities have pretty much become the modern face of the shopping loving Pakistan. Centaurus tower would also have a mall of its own.

The prime location this structure enjoys will be instrumental in its success in the federal capital and will also be a major player in bringing more business to the Islamabad Blue Area.
Community Life