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More About DHA Islamabad

Overview of DHA Islamabad

Once upon a time, DHA was a housing society. Now however, it has evolved into a brand that has pretty much become the lifestyle destination for people in the federal capital of Pakistan. Much like its sister societies in Lahore and Karachi, DHA Islamabad holds the reputation of being the community of choice for the rich and famous. While the blue blooded elite of Islamabad has no shortage of high end residential communities, DHAI adds icing on the cake particularly because property here is still pretty affordable as compared to the CDA Sectors. Affordable and popular are the two words that can be used to describe the property in DHA Islamabad.

Now although Islamabad, being one of the most beautiful capitals of the world, is the best planned city of Pakistan as a whole yet DHA Islamabad still presents a more refined side of the city. As is anybody's guess, the society was initially designed to accommodate retired and serving military personnel, which explains just why its initial phases were in Rawalpindi instead of, well... Islamabad, but now of course it’s a mix of civilian and non-civilian population.

Since it is located on the cusp of Islamabad and Rawalpindi, Defence Housing Authority Islamabad is often also referred to as Defence Housing Authority Rawalpindi. They are both basically two different names of the same society, but not many people know this. It is interesting to note that technically speaking, Phase I and Phase I Extension of DHA are located in Rawalpindi while other phases fall within the federal capital territory so it’s no wonder that people find it confusing.

Confusion or no confusion, the fact remains that DHA holds a very important place in the realty market of Islamabad and the growth it has experienced over the course of years speaks volumes about its popularity. What started as a 1 phase community has now burgeoned to a 5 phase mega project that has proven itself to be an investment hotspot. Because of its rapid expansion, the community now spreads over an area of about 97,903 kanal or 50 sq km and it’s still growing.

As a mixed purpose community, DHA Islamabad hosts an array of commercial projects. Other than DHA Mall in phase I, World Trade Centre, Business Bay, all phases and blocks of DHAI have commercial properties and market places. These commercial buildings, much like the residential property in the area, fetch good rental income and offer excellent investment opportunity. As a residential community, DHA Islamabad is equipped to offer a complete, comfortable living to its residents with shopping malls, community centres, spas, schools and medical care facilities and that, in a nutshell, is some of the many reasons why DHA is a magnet for investors in Islamabad.