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More About Gulberg Islamabad

Overview of Gulberg Islamabad

Gulberg Islamabad is a project that has never been experienced before. The developers aim at building you a housing scheme that is new in every aspect and is different from the rest of the residential development projects in Islamabad, Pakistan. It is set to open doors to a new style of living in the capital for you and your family. This is your ultimate opportunity to have all you’ve ever wanted in Pakistan real estate sector. You will surely feel the difference.

This housing project was launched by Intelligence Bureau Employees Cooperative Housing Scheme in 2005 and is also known as IBECHS Phase-III, Islamabad. The residential scheme is ideally located on Islamabad Highway at the intersection of Zone-IV and Zone-V, 3 km from Benazir Bhutto International Airport and 12 km from Islamabad Club. Urban Planning & Design (Pvt.) Ltd. (UPDL), one of the most trusted development specialists, is the principal project consultant and is responsible for the town planning, engineering design and supervision of development work. So, every best resource is hired and is being used to make this project a big success.

Ideally located between the twin cities of Islamabad and Rawalpindi is the Gulberg Luxury Living Agro farms. It provides a luxurious setting for people who love to live their lives in a peaceful and comfort mode. Green spaces, the peaceful and serene environment add up to enhance the beauty of the place. They believe in providing the residents with quality living and commercial facilities at a reasonable cost, so that every member of the society can build a house. The developers have strictly set international standards of construction, design and architecture.

As per as the housing standards are concerned they are up to the mark. Civic and recreational facilities include amusement parks, jogging tracks, and gymnasiums, water bodies such as lakes, restaurants, hotels and lush resorts. Theatre and cineplexes add more life to the community living in Gulberg Islamabad. Business Avenues make it an epicenter of commercial activities. Blue Area is the hub of business. Petrol pumps located within the premises are a step forward towards comfortable living and of course giving a boost to both business and economy.

Gulberg Islamabad is not behind when it comes to caring about its residents. They have developed a whole new structure of hospitals, dispensaries and local clinics so people have an access to life saving centres 24/7. Pharmacies are open round the clock so residents can purchase medicines in the time of need. Thus, the developers of Gulberg have kept every minute detail in mind while planning this heaven on earth.

Schooling and higher education has been strongly emphasized. Either the schools have been located within the vicinity or the top notch universities are located nearby, so people can travel to and from easily. Nurseries, schools, colleges and universities are a prime focus of any community and Gulberg has many. Standard residential houses are almost 200-1000 sq. yards. Luxury farmhouses range from 4 to 10 and 20 kanals. People with high end desires can go for farm houses. Purchasing a farm house is a great way to host your guests on a larger scale and stay connected with your social circle, keeping the high status intact. People who have lesser needs for such huge spaces and have a small family can purchase apartments and condominiums.

As far as the security measures are concerned every possible step is taken to ensure the safety of the residents. Ranging from entrance gateways, CCTVs to the guarded physical surveillance, security gates and walls, there is a whole developed system to monitor security and safety. Modern infrastructure includes underground electricity networks and also sewerage and supply networks. Sewerage treatment and filtration plants and underground water supply networks such as the tube wells are also built. Telecommunication and gas both have underground networks as well.

Other than the perfect infrastructure places like mosques, police stations, post office, telephone exchange, fire brigade, grid station, transport terminals also make life easy for the residents. Everything is easily available within the confines. One doesn’t need to travel long distances for availing such facilities. Thus, Gulberg Islamabad is a great way to begin a happy and comfortable life.

Community Life in Gulberg Islamabad

Gulberg Islamabad enjoys a central location in Islamabad real estate. As a project of Intelligence Bureau Employees Cooperative Housing Society (IBECHS), Gulberg has been able to win great interest and trust of the buyers. It covers an area of thousands of kanal and the development work has finished in most parts of the area.

Gulberg Islamabad has two sections known as Residencia and The Green. Residencia offers residential plots, ranging between 200 and 1000 square yards while The Green features 4, 5, & 10 kanal plots meant for farmhouses. The range of facilities in both sectors is detailed and comparable. Other than the underground system for electricity, gas, water, telephone and well drained sewerage system that every housing society boosts, the street lights in Gulberg Islamabad run on solar energy.

There are many other factors that combine to make Gulberg a huge success in Pakistan real estate sector, including its location. The community is only at a few minutes drive away from Benazir Bhutto International Airport. Gulberg is connected with the capital through Islamabad Expressway and can be accessed from Rawalpindi with equal convenience, which increases the popularity of Gulberg. Since the society has met all the residential standards, it is approved by the CDA.

Since connectivity remains the biggest factor to determine the success of any residential project, the road infrastructure in Gulberg is very extensive. Be it the highways that link the society with other parts of the city or the lanes that connect internally, Gulberg Islamabad has addressed this important aspect with utter detail. This is not all, unlike many newly developed roads and sub-lanes that lack trees, the roads in Gulberg Islamabad are lined with shady trees and bushes that spread across vast landscaped areas.

Gulberg Islamabad is a gated community and since it is IBECHS’s project, the security and safety aspect of life here is well ensured. Be it a private and personal lifestyle that you wish to maintain or a more social one, Gulberg Islamabad makes it possible for you. For social activities and indulgence, there are many clubs, community centres, recreational and leisure guilds as well as public spots to keep families busy in active and healthy lifestyle and get more chances to interact with other members of the society.

Since most of the modern housing projects focus at providing all necessities of life within the same vicinity, Gulberg too provides medical, education, retail, and entertainment services. The notable thing about these services offered in this society is they are done to perfection and are meant to offer the best available features to the residents. An area of over 2000 kanal is reserved for nurseries, schools, colleges, and universities, where private educational institutes too can contribute in elevating the standard of education in the capital.

A 200 bed hospital with international medical standards is also a part of Gulberg Islamabad. Many medical stores, lab and dispensaries also operate here to offer medical assistance. In addition to ensuring health of Gulberg’s residents, as many as 67 parks are developed here to encourage a more active and healthy life. To keep the elders and kids engaged in physical activities, these parks are equipped with the required facilities. The society is approved by Pakistan Environment Protection Agency.

Other than that, many community, centres, clubhouses, golf clubs, family clubs, sports complexes, gymnasiums, riding clubs, and beautiful lakes act as entertainment and engagement spots for the residents here. To ensure uninterrupted electricity supply in Gulberg, the society has its own grid stations. As compared to the services and amenities offered here as well as the lifestyle promised by Gulberg Islamabad, the rates of property here is very reasonable and that makes it a hot investment spot right in the middle of Pakistan’s capital.
Community Life