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Overview of Green City Lahore

Lahore real estate is dominated by new developments and housing societies mostly sprouting in the southern part of the city. Green City is one such community contributing to mount the value of property in southern peripheries of Lahore. With the construction of Lahore Ring Road, Green City has become easily approachable from Defence, Cantt., and Band Road. This community offers middle and upper middle class some change to maintain a lifestyle that was previously exclusive to a few posh societies of Lahore. As a newly developed housing society, Green City has been inspirational for its neighbouring communities for attracting many investors and buyers.

The dwellers residing in communities constructed along the Ring Road complain of absence of enough trees and greenery but those residing in Green City do no such thing as they get enough greenery there. Just as the name promises, Green City is adorned with well-maintained lawns, covered in thick and manicured turf, and studded with exotic plants and flowers. The fact that the vicinity of Green City experiences low traffic is highly appreciated by the residents here as no pollution of any sort contaminates the serene aura here, which is the reason why the community is so popular among families.

Just when there was no buyer looking to buy or rent property in this area of Lahore, communities like Green City were in the process of leaving their mark on Lahore real estate. To make this project a success, Green City needed a new and practical approach. Since modern families prefer outdoor recreation and compromising on the security aspect has never be an option for them, Green City decided to revive the community lifestyle iconic to Lahore’s culture. With gated premises, 24-hour security, and well-maintained and lush grounds, the families in Green City now have more reasons to spend their extra time away from the TV and computer.

Since Green City Lahore is planned with an intention to offer healthy, stress free, open, as well as a safe environment to its residents, the infrastructure here is developed accordingly. All wiring and pipes meant for telephone, cable, Sui gas, electricity, and water supply are underground. The extensive network of roads here is lined with wide footpaths, making them equally convenient for pedestrians. For communal purpose, a clubhouse that spreads over a 123 kanals offers detailed services to the Green City residents. Some of the salient features of this community centre include the presence of separate swimming pools for male and female, squash courts, guest rooms, tennis courts, marriage halls, cafeteria, and gymnasium.

The developers of Green City are aware of the tough competition faced by Pakistan real estate sector. Therefore, they have not compromised on any aspect of this model residential unit. The houses constructed here not only follow the international construction bylaws but the design is also chosen to maintain the overall feel of the society. If you wish to invest in property in Green City, you can do it in both plots and finished houses. However, the demand of the finished houses in Green City is greater than the plots and so is the occupancy rate. It is interesting to note that most of the dwellers here are also the owners of their property.

The development of infrastructure in the area surrounding Green City is not complete yet, which makes many investors believe that they would be required to move to central parts of Lahore on a more frequent basis. The fact however is that Green City offers sound medical facilities to its residents. Some other amenities that mark the superior status of Green City property in Lahore real estate include the presence of educational institutes in its proximity, maintenance services, and an active commercial sector. To check the available property in Green City, you should browse this page.