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Overview of Muslim Town

Fused with a combination of huge mansions, beautiful homes, educational institutions, retail outlets, commercial facilities and wide roads, Muslim Town Lahore is one of the oldest yet prime residential communities that offers perfect posh community living experience. If you start counting the oldest and the most developed towns in Lahore, Muslim Town will certainly be one of them. Unlike modern gated communities, it does not have any particular boundary wall but still Muslim Town can be easily distinguished from the nearby communities. Abutting Canal Bank Road on one side and Wahdat Road on the other side, the residential community is located in the centre of two busy commercial roads. You can also say that Muslim Town is located on the bank of Lahore Canal.

The city’s busiest commercial neighbourhood and upmarket residential community named Allama Iqbal Town, is situated next to Muslim Town. Residents can easily access all commercial facilities like banks, clinics, hospitals, retail outlets, shopping marts, departmental stores, garment shops, bakers, confectioners, auto workshops, restaurants, eateries and educational institutions located at the Main Wahdat Road, Muslim Town. Decent Departmental Store is one of the major departmental stores in Lahore and it is located in Muslim Town. Residents can find everyday consumables and other commodities from this store. Other than this, several small departmental stores have also opened here and there in the community.

Many of the residents of Muslim Town belong to middle class and have their private cars but despite that, public transportation facility is available 24 hours a day over there. You can hail a rickshaw or a cab or roam around the entire city by taking any of the public busses. You can find a public bus for every route from Wahdat Road of Muslim Town. Due to a number of nearby educational institutions like Punjab College and University of the Punjab, you can find a number of private hostels within the community. Wahdat Road is home to a number of branded outlets of shoes like Bata, Stylo, Marie Claire and Service.

Being a major commercial zone of Lahore, the traffic jam was once the major issue at Wahdat Road but Punjab Government has taken notice of this issue and constructed Muslim Town flyover along Ferozepur Road at Canal/Wahdat Road junction. The project was an astounding task that was undertaken in order to make Ferozepur Road a signal free corridor and to streamline traffic coming from various parts of the city. The flyover has solved the long-standing traffic jam issue at the bank of Muslim Town. Muslim Town Flyover is the longest flyover in Pakistan as of October 2012.

Regardless of the fact that many upscale residential societies have been introduced in the Lahore real estate sector, Muslim Town stills holds a prestigious place in terms of providing world class amenities to the residents and increasing the value of the area’s real estate as well. Though, as a whole, it is not that peaceful community yet it has a family-friendly feel to it. The inner blocks are calmer and quieter because of being away from the noisy Wahdat and Canal Bank Road and thus are more popular for a living.