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Buying a House in Chakwal

Chakwal is located in a district of the same name that has 5 smaller towns within it. The district is bordered by Rawalpindi, Attock, Khushab, Jhelum, and Mianwali. Situated within the Potohar Plateau in Punjab, the city as well as the district of Chakwal has a versatile landscape. The region is home to canyons, lakes, hills, as well as plains, and reaches the Salt Range in the south and the Sohan River in the north. The population of the city of Chakwal is less than 700,000 as per the 2017 Census, with most of the population still living in the rural areas.

Types of Houses in Chakwal

The real estate of Chakwal offers a number of opportunities for home buyers. Homes being sold in Chakwal are of sizes of 5 Marla, 10 Marla and 1 Kanal. The most popular area for home buying in Chakwal is Talagang Road, where most of the commercial sector is also located. It is the major thoroughfare of the city. Other areas for buying a home in Chakwal are Jhelum Road and Kallar Kahar Road, while the Chakwal Bypass is also one option to consider. Homes in older parts of the city are mostly one to two storied houses, having neighbours on three sides and an internal courtyard instead of an external garden. However, the modern construction of homes has changed this trend. Houses are now being built like bungalows with front yards and boundary walls to maintain privacy between neighbours.

Sale Price Trend for Houses in Chakwal

Home buyers in Chakwal would need to make an investment of between PKR 22 lakh and 70 lakh for a 5 marla house, while 7 marla houses in the city can cost you PKR 32 lakh to 1 Crore. Furthermore, an investment of PKR 60 lakh to 1.45 Crore is required for buying a 10 marla residence. Those who are looking for larger properties will need to pay around 85 lakh or more for a 1 Kanal home.

Schools, Universities & Hospitals in Chakwal

Chakwal is home to a branch of The City School and the Fauji Foundation also has a Model School and a Higher Secondary School here. Colleges in the city include a campus of the Punjab Group of Colleges, as well as Girls Cadet College Chakwal. The University of Chakwal offers higher education to the residents, along with the University of Central Punjab’s Chakwal Campus. Locals of Chakwal are generally eager to ensure that their children get a good quality of education. The region is serviced by the Lifeline Hospital and Care Hospital for all of the medical needs of the locals.

Facilities & Security in Chakwal

While the residents of Chakwal enjoy a peaceful and secure lifestyle, occasional threats to personal safety and property theft can be a concern. Homeowners usually tackle that by hiring security guards for their properties or by installing cameras for surveillance of their homes. The region is semi-arid, so water availability in homes can be a problem for the people residing here in older units. However, there are many natural lakes nearby if you wish to go for a swim.

One of the best picnic spots nearby is Neela Wahn in the neighbouring town of Kallar Kahar, which is a scenic lake with a waterfall. Families and friends come here for hiking, camping and swimming. Another of the attractions worth visiting is the town of Kallar Kahar itself, which is developed around a saltwater lake where the locals have picnics and enjoy boating excursions. Khandowa Lake is another water body in the region that is ideal for day trips and picnics. Thus, families will always have something interesting to try in the surrounding areas of Chakwal. The Katas Raj Temples are also located in Kallar Kahar and hold great significance in Hinduism. The complex, comprising of 4 adjacent temples is designed to surround a small pond that is considered sacred by the Hindus. It is open to visitors who wish to explore the architectural beauty of these ancient structures.

Shopping & Restaurants in Chakwal

The M Sadiq Shopping Mall and the District Council Plaza are two locations that are perfect for shopping trips in Chakwal. A few of the branded clothing stores within the city include Gul Ahmed, Nishat, Warda Lawn, Levi’s and Royal Tag. Shops like Servis shoes, Hush Puppies and others, are also located in Chakwal to facilitate your footwear needs. The Royal Orchard is a good place to dine out in style with the family. Fast food joints include Hardee’s, OPTP, KFC, Fast Italian Pizza and others. If you wish to shop on a budget, head to the local bazaars. Chapphar Bazaar and Moti Bazaar are two of these, with Model Bazaar being another one of the shopping hubs.

Chakwal is known for its shoemaking industry and to get the best product, you can head to Mochi Bazaar, which is the oldest bazaar in the city. Here, you can find Kohati Chappal, which originates from Kohat in KPK but is often made in Chakwal. However, the shoe type that is indigenous to Chakwal is the Khussa and the Zari Khairi, both of which are handcrafted using pure leather. Khussa happens to be the only shoe type that can be worn on either foot, while Zari Khairi is the art of embroidery with golden threads on shoes. Both of these varieties are commonly worn by locals in the area, with embroidered shoes also being part of their formal attire at weddings and other events.

Reasons for Investing in Chakwal

Chakwal is a rich industrial hub in spite of most of the population living in its rural areas. Local industries include dairy products, flour mills, textile weaving, leather products, cattle farming, and a lot more. The region also sees tourist activity in pleasant weather, mainly due to Chakwal’s close proximity to Kallar Kahar. Natural beauty and the diverse geography also gives the residents plenty of entertainment opportunities outdoors. Offering all this, along with different types of homes for sale, Chakwal is the ideal place to invest in your new home.