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    Buying a House in Naya Nazimabad

    Naya Nazimabad, a project by Javedan Corporation Limited, is located only a few minutes from the Rashid Minhas Road. Other areas located close to Naya Naziamabad are Orangi Town, North Nazimabad, Buffer Zone, North Karachi, and New Karachi Town. The project can be considered as an extension to the city of Karachi as it is a little far from the populated areas. According to the corporation, the aim of the project is to make quality housing opportunities affordable for families and individuals. The project is currently in progress but properties in Naya Nazimabad have mostly been sold.

    Types of Houses in Naya Nazimabad

    Houses in the Block B of Naya Nazimabad are classified as “bungalows” by the project owners. The housing scheme promises to provide stylish bathrooms, large terraces, contemporary kitchens, spacious lounges, and airy rooms in its houses. Car parking is another amenity that will be available in all of the bungalows. A standard architectural style will be followed in the society. Buyers can pick from single and double-storey houses. Of course, there will be variation in the area of the units. Available sizes are 120, 160 and 240 sq. yd.

    Sale Price Trend for Houses in Naya Nazimabad

    The owners of Naya Nazimabad guarantee quality living with affordability. To fulfil this aim, they have provided the option of payment in instalments apart from paying for a unit in one go. For most of the houses, possession can be received immediately. 120 sq. yd. houses for sale in Naya Nazimabad are available in a reasonable range of PKR 72 lakh to PKR 1 crore. If you’re looking for 160 sq. yd. houses, prices vary from PKR 95 lakh to PKR 1.5 crore. Lastly, 240 sq. yd. houses in Naya Nazimabad are available between the asking prices of PKR 1.4 crore and PKR 2 crore.

    Facilities & Security in Naya Nazimabad

    The main aim of the society is to provide safety and comfort to its residents. To that end, they have planned to include facilities like Jamia masjids, parks and green areas, a clubhouse, gymnasium, cricket stadium, football stadium, horse riding club and several banquet halls. Even basic necessities of water, gas and electricity is provided in the vicinity by the administration itself. From the security point of view, there is a boundary wall securing all the blocks. In addition, there are security check posts on all of the entrances and some within the society as well.

    Schools, Universities & Hospitals in Naya Nazimabad

    The project owners have dedicated a whole area within Naya Nazimabad to an “education complex.” It is going to be an exclusive space for kindergarten and primary and secondary schools. The administration hasn’t planned any universities yet, but it is expected to be mapped out soon. There is also going to be a vocational training centre offering karate, embroidery, sewing and stitching, fine arts, cooking, and computer classes. As far as healthcare is concerned, there are some dedicated plots in their plan for medical complexes and hospitals.

    Shopping & Restaurants in Naya Nazimabad

    Since Naya Nazimabad is, as of January 2019, work-in-progress, you will not find many restaurants and malls inside the society. However, nearby, there are a lot of eateries like Broadway Pizza, Pizza Bistro, and Al Madina Restaurant. If you go further, then neighbouring areas like North Nazimabad and North Karachi have amazing food joints as well. As far as shopping is concerned, Glory House of Fashion and Bhayani Shopping Centre are located close to Naya Nazimabad. If you are looking for international brands, Dolmen Mall Hyderi is a good option.