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Buying a House in Okara

Located southwest of Lahore and Faisalabad, Okara is a city in the Okara district of Punjab. Not many people know that before Okara became a developed city, it was a forest where Mughal Emperors Sher Shah Suri and Akbar used to practice their hunting skills. Historical accounts contain at least two theories of how the city got its name. The first says the name Okara is derived from the Sanskrit word “Okra” which means “The Land of Warriors,” the second one suggests Okara got its name because of the tall trees “Okan” that are found abundantly in the city.

The Okara district has a total population of 3.039 million people, according to the 2017 census. Since Okara lies on the Radcliffe line on the Indo-Pakistan border, it possesses considerable strategic importance. It is also one of the most fertile areas in the country producing maize, rice, wheat sugarcane and many other fruits and vegetables. Also, the privately owned Mitchell’s Fruit Farms company is located in this region. A large swath of land here produces oranges, lemons, guavas, grapefruits and mangoes.

Types of Houses in Okara

One of the most beautiful cantonments in Pakistan is the Okara Cantt. The houses here are big bungalows usually of 1 to 1.5 Kanal in size. The houses for sale on One 4-L Road are newly built with a modern touch. These are usually available in the area size of 5 marla with double storey units, making them ideal for bigger families. The houses in Faisal Colony, are also newly built and offer single, double and triple storey homes. You can also find spacious double storey homes in Government Colony. One of the newest societies in Okara is Saad City. There are 3 to 4-bedroom, double storey houses of 5 marla available for sale. These houses usually come with a separate car parking space.

Sale Price Trends for Houses in Okara

The range for newly built, double storey 5 Marla houses in Saad City starts from PKR 75 lakh and can go as high as PKR 80 lakh. The price for a 10 marla house in Okara starts from PKR 60 lakh in Haider Town. Those looking to buy more affordable property should check out Faisal Colony because it has some 2 Marla houses, with 1-2 bedrooms, which can cost you roughly PKR 25 lakh. The price range for a double storey 1 Kanal house starts from PKR 4 crore.

Schools, Universities & Hospitals in Okara

Although the city of Okara is not a huge metropolis, like Karachi, for instance, it definitely does not lag behind when it comes to education. The top institutes in the city are Education University, Govt. College for Boys and two campuses for girls and Cadet College. All of these schools and colleges have well-built campuses, modern science equipment, computer labs, libraries, playgrounds and hygienic canteens. The city might be popular as a farming district but it also makes sure to provide its people quality education so they can excel in all types of careers.

There are many public and private hospitals as well as clinics available in Okara that are well-equipped to provide quality healthcare. The most recommended facilities are District Headquarter Hospital, CMH Okara Cantt and Sharif Surgimed Hospital among others.

Facilities & Security in Okara

Just like any other city, Okara has almost all the basic amenities, services, facilities and organizational structures to offer to its residents. For cricket aficionados, there are two cricket stadiums in the city; Jinnah Cricket Stadium and The Okara Gymkhana Cricket Ground. The latter is a world-famous stadium that provides top-notch facilities to play the sport. However, it’s not just cricket that people in Okara enjoy playing. There are also dedicated spaces for people who are into football, hockey, basketball and badminton. Besides the three amusement parks — Baagh-e-Jinnah, District Park and Ladies Park — there are many local parks for the residents of the city. Every hospital has two or more ambulances that offer emergency services. The city also has a firefighting department.

Shopping & Restaurants in Okara

Okara has a number of shopping malls and plazas. Gateway Mall, Talha Shopping Mall and Makkah Centre are the most popular shopping spots in the city. For people who love food, there are a number of restaurants and cafes here, including the famous multinational burger fast food chain KFC. An outlet can be found on the Grand Trunk Road. The Heritage Restaurant is located on Benazir Road. Famous Pakistani fast food joint, Fri Chicks, also has an outlet in Okara.

Reasons for Investing in Okara

Real estate in Okara is highly in demand because of its fertile lands, peaceful, natural environment, vast green fields and also due to the ongoing infrastructural development. There are a couple of other factors as well that make the city an ideal place to live in. For example, history aficionados would love to reside in Okara as it has a number of archaeological remains that are reminiscent of different eras such as the Indus Valley Civilization, the Mughal Empire, the Sikh Confederacy, which emerged during the 18th century, and, later, the British Raj.

What’s more, Okara is connected to all the other major cities of Pakistan via well-maintained road and train systems. The Multan Road via National Highway 5/AH2 connects the district capital Okara to Lahore, which 110 km away, and to Faisalabad, which is 100km away. The Okara Bypass, which was inaugurated by former President Pervez Musharraf, has really helped to maintain the flow of national highway traffic.

Okara is also famous for its livestock. The two most common cattle breeds found in the region are the Sahiwal and Nili-Ravi. The district is also known for its dairy products. So, if you’re someone who is interested in the livestock industry for either business or investment purposes, then Okara has a lot of options for you. Buying a house here could make it all the more convenient for you.