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Why buy a house for sale in Media Town?
Situated in Rawalpindi’s most prominent location, Media Town is an excellent up-and-coming housing project that is actively peeking investors’ interest. Developers of the residential scheme have aimed at addressing the ever-changing dynamics around the country’s housing solutions, and evolved it into something of an unparalleled precedent. Furthermore, the provisions of necessary facilities and amenities like gas, water and electricity as well as luxurious infrastructural design is precisely what Media Town has to offer.

Media Town is a gated community — meaning it is inherently more safe and secure as it comes within a boundary wall. The ultra-modern architectural design of the housing scheme ensures that all the necessities like water, electricity, sewerage systems, gas, and wide roads are available to make their dwellers’ life easier. Moreover, developers of Media Town have also paid particular attention towards the horticulture needs to ensure that the environment remains clean, green, and healthy to additionally facilitate the occupants. This housing project is a suitable solution for those looking to relocate to Rawalpindi.

What are the types of houses available for sale in Media Town?
Media Town is situated across a land area of 1,600 Kanals, comprising 4 blocks — from A to D, out of which, Block C and D are almost complete, while the uplift work for Blocks A and B are currently underway. To ease the daily commute of residents, a 40-feet-wide road has been developed as well as  underground electricity cabling has been done to ensure that Media Town is environmentally safe and secure. Moreover, the concept of underground wirings helps ensure that the service faces fewer transmission losses, lower the maintenance costs, and is easier to repair. Media Town offers housing accommodations established on land sizes between 5 & 12 Marla. These ready-to-move-in housing solutions have been erected by investors who had deemed this housing society as a viable investment opportunity. 

Types of houses available for sale in Media Town

5 Marla

6 Marla

7 Marla

10 Marla

11 Marla

12 Marla

What is the Sales Price Trend of Houses in Media Town?
The price range for houses in Media Town varies depending upon the number of rooms and the land area of the house. The most popular choice of house in  Media Town spans across 5 and 10 Marlas. The price of 5 Marla houses for sale in Media Town starts from PKR 1.6 crore and goes up to PKR 1.85 crore. The price for 10 Marla houses in Media Town starts from PKR 2.25 crore to PKR 3 crore. Moreover, these ready-to-move-in houses are developed with ‘ease of residents’ in mind. The housing structures mostly consist of several rooms, basic amenities, and parking facilities, among other things. 

Sales Price Trend of Houses in Media Town
5 Marla PKR 1.6 crore — PKR 1.85 crore
6 Marla PKR 1.65 crore — PKR 1.85 crore
7 Marla ≈ PKR 2.25 
10 Marla PKR 2.25 crore — PKR 3 crore
11 Marla PKR 2.2 crore — PKR 3.25 crore
12 Marla PKR 1.95 crore — PKR 3.6 crore

Reasons to invest in Houses for Sale in Media Town
Like all developed housing schemes of Rawalpindi, the value of Media Town has witnessed an increase as time passes on, and seemingly will continue to grow in the future — benefiting residents and investors alike. However, there is a flipside to living in Media Town, including issues like people without a personal commute will face mobility hurdles as the availability and presence of public transport is not available nearby. 

Additional features:

  • Gated community
  • Proper supply of water, gas & electricity
  • Underground electricity 
  • Horticultural integration
  • Eco-friendly society