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Buying a House in Sadiqabad

Named after Amer Sadiq Muhammad Khan V, nawab of Bahawalpur State (1907 to 1966), Sadiqabad is a city located in the district of Raheem Yaar Khan. One of the most unique characteristics of the city is that it is situated where the borders of Sindh and Punjab meet. This is why the culture of Sadiqabad is a delightful mix of both provinces. While moving around the city, you will find many green fields mostly used for farming purposes. Sadiqabad Railway Station is a multistory structure. It is a busy place that serves hundreds of people throughout the day. Askari Park and Overhead Bridge are two very famous landmarks in the city. Askari Park has beautiful walkways surrounded by lush green lawns and is accessible by the general public. Meanwhile, Overhead Bridge facilitates people to easily move from one end to another without getting stuck in traffic jams. The real estate market of the city has been performing quite well for the past couple of years. So, if you’re thinking of investing, there are a number of properties on sale in Sadiqabad that you can explore.

Types of Houses in Sadiqabad

Sadiqabad is a relatively new city as compared to the other cities of Punjab as it was founded in the year 1948. Although local residents, more or less, follow a traditional lifestyle, they want the structure of their houses to meet modern standards. Residential units of different sizes are available across the city, but two neighbourhoods, namely Model Town and Canal View Housing Society, are the most popular in this regard. The most in-demand houses in Sadiqabad are of 5 marla, 10 marla and 1 kanal. A majority of the newly constructed houses now have American Kitchens, lounges with beautiful fixtures and bedrooms with attached bathrooms. Some of them are even designed according to the maps imported from other countries. In fact, many houses that were built decades ago are now being renovated according to the latest architectural designs, keeping in view the interests of investors and property buyers. Some state-of-the-art gated communities are also in the works in Sadiqabad owing to the ongoing urbanization.

Sale Price Trends for Houses in Sadiqabad

Sadiqabad is a small city but it is rapidly developing. The construction of houses with fancy fixtures and modern facilities is common here. A house for sale in Sadiqabad gets a price tag based on its covered area, condition and location. Double storey houses are seen around the city, mostly in mid-range neighbourhoods. A 5 marla house in Sadiqabad usually costs around or over PKR 30,00,000. For owning a 10 marla house, you may have to pay over PKR 1,00,00,000. The third most popular type is a 1 kanal house, the starting price of which can be around PKR 1,50,00,000. Some of these properties can also be bought through easy instalment plans if offered by their sellers.  

Schools, Universities & Hospitals in Sadiqabad

The city of Sadiqabad is dotted with many famous schools, colleges and universities. Most of these educational institutions are located near housing societies, making them conveniently accessible for the people living nearby. Beaconhouse School System, The Knowledge School, The Educators and Govt. Degree Colleges for Boys & Girls are some important academies within the city. Meanwhile, Allama Iqbal Open University is only a 30-minute drive away from Sadiqabad, if you take the route of Sadiqabad-Rahim Yar Khan Road. The names of a few popular healthcare facilities in the city include Jinnah Cardiac & General Hospital, Shamim Hospital, THQ Hospital and Akram Hospital. Some of these hospitals also offer 24/7 emergency services to effectively treat patients in need of urgent medical care. Sadiqabad Canal Road, which is also known as Nehr Kinara, has plenty of hospitals and clinics along the way and it is almost the city’s centre, which makes it easily accessible for everyone.  

Facilities & Security in Sadiqabad

Sadiqabad is a bustling city with wide roads and streets. There are many hotels and guest houses to facilitate people who come here on a temporary basis or are simply touring the city. For the people residing in Sadiqabad, there are many public parks to visit. Galaxy Hotel & Water Park offers recreation and entertainment to both locals and visitors. Sadiqabad Railway Station is also located near the city centre, adding to the convenience of the people who travel via trains frequently. Buses, rickshaws and taxis can be seen in almost every mohalla and area of Sadiqabad. People often go to schools, colleges and even work using the Sadiqabad-Rahim Yar Khan Road, GT Road and Kacha Sadiqabad Road. Overhead Bridge is another important infrastructural development in the city that is used by thousands of commuters and travellers every day. The city district police of Sadiqabad is responsible to keep an eye on the security situation in the city.

Shopping & Restaurants in Sadiqabad

There are numerous commercial centres located in the heart of Sadiqabad city. Places like Ghalla Mandi (Grain Market), Sabzi Mandi (Vegetable & Fruit Market and KLP Road Market (Auto Parts Market) are a few famous markets where shoppers flock to every day. There are other standalone shops and shopping centres as well that sell groceries, medicines, clothing items and footwear. A few of these shopping places also sell locally made handicrafts that are mostly made of wood. Sadiqabad is also famous for its Lakkar Market (Wood Market) in the region. There are countless eateries located in different areas of Sadiqabad. Some restaurants that are highly popular among locals include GN Restaurant, Zaiqa Restaurant, McDonald’s, Al Noor Hotel & Restaurant and Charcoal Lounge.

Reasons for Investing in Sadiqabad

Sadiqabad is the administrative capital of Sadiqabad Tehsil situated in Rahim Yar Khan District. It is also home to well-known fertilizer companies like Fauji Fertilizers and Fatima Fertilizer. The city is still under development. Progress is slow but steady. Some new housing societies are also under development, mostly located in the suburbs of the city. Most of them are properly mapped out, upscale communities, providing people with an uber-convenient and extravagant lifestyle. Affordability and easy access to amenities are two key factors considered by people while renting or buying a home to live in. Fortunately, Sadiqabad’s real estate takes care of both these concerns.