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Buying a Plot in North Karachi

Karachi’s real estate has always been a centre of attraction for investors. New housing schemes are being introduced in the city, almost every six months, but the worth of older parts of the city remains unchallenged. That is why land in Karachi is highly demanded by the investors.

North Karachi is a middle-class suburban town situated between Surjani Town, Lyari River, and Manghopir Hills. It lists among the major neighbourhoods in the city’s central district. It is divided into a number of sectors and further into blocks. The population here is about 1 million, consisting mainly of the Kashmiri, Memon, Muhajir, Ismaili, Punjabi, Paktun, Bohra, and Sindhi communities. Plots in North Karachi have been divided in such a way that tracts of land are usually located quite close to each other. Residents here follow the traditional mohalla system.

Types of Plots in North Karachi

North Karachi has great investment options in terms of plots. Even if you want to build a house, you can get a reasonable deal here. The most popular areas in North Karachi on basis of buying trends include North Town Residency, Buffer Zone, Sector 9, and Sector 11E, where there are many options for buying plots in 120, 240, and 500 sq. yd. Since the neighbourhood is densely populated, almost all the localities within have direct access to basic utilities and commercial centres.

Sale Price Trend for Plots in North Karachi

Plot prices in North Karachi are comparatively high in its older sectors. That is because these sectors have more facilities in the vicinity. However, there are some other factors as well, such as the size of a plot. This means all of the 120 sq. yd. plots in North Karachi will have different sale prices. Generally, the price of this area size ranges from PKR 28 to 50 lakh. On the other hand, the asking price of 240 sq. yd. plots lie between PKR 58 lakh and PKR 2 crore.

Facilities & Security in North Karachi

Residents have the ease to travel to and from North Karachi via public transport. Even famous taxi-hailing apps provide their services here. In addition, the water supply is KWSB’s responsibility. In case there is a shortage, people can make use of tankers. On the other hand, K-Electric supplies electricity to the whole neighbourhood.

North Karachi is a busy area with all sorts of activities going on. To take a break sometimes, residents can visit spots like Akhuwat Park, Nasir Hussain Shaheed Park, Ghareeb Nawaz Park, and Bi Amma Park. Rashid Latif Cricket Academy is also lo0cated here as well as several mosques, post office, and local banks.

Schools, Universities & Hospitals in North Karachi

There are many technical institutes, schools, and colleges situated in the area that offer quality education from pre-school to FSC and O/A levels. Some schools in North Karachi have been operating in the neighbourhood for a long time. Popular schools include Dawn Public School, Premier Grammar School, Dhaka Secondary School, The City School, Nasra Public School, and The Smart School. In terms of institutes offering higher education, students can enrol in Kasbit Institute of Technology or Iqra University North Campus, which are situated quite close to the society. There are several hospitals around here too. Pakistan Eye Bank Society, The Medi-Call General Hospital, and Al-Rayaz Hospital are some of the most-visited healthcare facilities here.

Shopping & Restaurants in North Karachi

Residents of this society love going to the Kapra Market and Karim Centre to shop for the latest trends in clothing and accessories. In addition, Mangal Bazar in North Karachi offers everyday items at the cheapest rates but that’s not all, the neighbourhood also has some upscale brands like Levi’s, Diner’s, and Gul Ahmed. Furthermore, foodies in North Karachi are well-served by restaurants like Haji Akhtar Pakwan and Biryani Centre, Royal Pizza, Dawat Inn Restaurant, and Pay Say Pizza.