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Buying a Plot in Okara

Okara, the capital of the Okara district in Punjab, has an agriculture-based economy. The city’s name is derived from a tree called ‘Okaan,’ which is commonly found here. Okara is often called the land of three rivers, owing to the fact that three of the five most important rivers in Punjab, namely Ravi, Beas and Sutlej, flow through the region.

Okara is known for various reasons, be it the city’s extensive textile industry or vast orchards. It is especially famous for its cattle breeds and the production of dairy products. In fact, during Eid-ul-Adha, people prefer buying an animal bred in the Okara district. The most in-demand breeds are Sahiwal, Cholistani and Nili Ravi buffaloes, Beetal and Teddi goats and Kajli sheep.

The region is also one of the most fertile regions in Pakistan, thanks, in part, to the irrigation of its land via the three rivers mentioned above. One of the most popular food companies in the country, Mitchell’s Fruit Farms Limited, has made good use of the fruits grown in the fertile soil of Okara.

Speaking of soil and land, the real estate sector of Okara is flourishing. Contrary to popular belief, the city is not just limited to growing crops and producing dairy products. Okara is taking extensive measures to improve its infrastructure and the value of land here is increasing every year. As a result, the demand for residential property in Okara is also surging. People from nearby villages are mostly migrating to the city. The influx, in turn, is prompting more developers to launch new housing schemes in Okara as well as in the city’s outskirts, where prices are comparatively low.

Types of Plots in Okara

There are more than thirty-five prime locations to buy plots in Okara. But the most popular ones are in Cantt, Gulberg City, Canal View, Jawad Avenue, GT Road, Al Kheer City, Faisal Colony and Azhar Residences. Those investing in a property for the first time, tend to buy smaller plots of 3 Marla in Canal View. One of the most beautiful areas in the city is the Cantt of Okara. 10 Marla and 20 Marla are the most popular choices when investing in Cantt area. Gulberg City also has a number of affordable options, as it is another housing society that offers residential plots for sale on a two-year easy instalment plan that can be adjusted. However, if you pay the total amount upfront, the developers offer good discounts on the full payment.

Sale Price Trend for Plots in Okara

The asking prices of plots here start from PKR 9.75 lakh for a 3 Marla piece of land. The sale prices for 5 Marla plots start from PKR 5 lakh and can go as high as PKR 1.26 crore. A 10 Marla plot in Okara can cost you PKR 20 lakh. In Jawad Avenue, the price for a 2.5 Marla plot is around PKR 7.5 lakh while a 2 Kanal plot can cost around 1.66 crore. There are many housing societies on GT Road that offer a variety of plots at various affordable prices. The cheapest plot in Mehboob Town society on GT Road is for PKR 15 lakh and a 5 Kanal plot on GT Road can be bought for PKR 80 lakh.

Schools, Universities & Hospitals in Okara

Okara is a developing city surrounded by many small villages and towns. It has a good number of educational institutes that cater to not only the residents of Okara but also students from neighbouring areas. The City School, Falcon House, Beaconhouse, Canadian International School, to name a few prominent schools, have their campuses in Okara. However, for higher education, there aren’t a lot of choices, yet, in the city. There’s only one public institution in the Okara district, the University of Okara, which is located in Renala Khurd.

Facilities & Security in Okara

The National Highway in Okara connects the city to several major metropolises of Pakistan like Lahore, Faisalabad and Multan. Since Okara does not have an airport of its own, residents drive all the way to neighbouring cities for domestic and international air travel. For domestic travel, however, you can also opt for Okara’s railway station that directly connects the region to other parts of the country. There are around 10 hospitals and healthcare centres in Okara. As far as the security is concerned, Okara’s law and order situation is mostly under control, thanks to the untiring efforts of the local police force and the heavy presence of military units in the city.

Shopping & Restaurants in Okara.

The city of has no big malls but has many shopping plazas. Famous brands like Stylo, Fabrizio, ChenOne, Metro, Servis and Bata Shoes, Eden robe, etc, are easily found in the city. There are more than 120 shopping venues in Okara to buy jewellery, clothing, shoes, etc, from. The city’s mobile and laptop markets also cater to all your tech-related requirements.

As much as the residents of Okara enjoy conventional desi food, they are equally fond of burgers, pizzas and broasts. One of the most famous cafés in the city is the Well Beans Café and Grill that offers buffets containing a wide variety of dishes. While there aren’t a lot of multinational fast food chains available here, you can still manage to grab KFC for lunch as there is one outlet on the Grand Trunk Road.

Reasons for Investing in Okara

One of the many reasons people like living in Okara is that it’s not as crowded as its neighbouring cities like Lahore and Faisalabad. Meanwhile, residents here enjoy fresh local produce like potato, tomato, sugarcane, wheat, rice and maize from the farms in nearby villages. The city also has an abundant supply of drinking water in almost all areas, thanks to the three rivers, Ravi, Beas and Sutlej, flowing through the district.

The geographical location of Okara is quite ideal in terms of connection with major cities like Faisalabad, Lahore and Multan. Thanks to the efficient road and railway systems, traveling to neighboring regions is quite easy and convenient.

Since Okara is surrounded by many villages, there are a lot of people who have already moved, and many others who want to move, to the city to benefit from its educational and healthcare facilities. The migration, over the years, has increased the demand for land, thereby, boosting the real estate sector of the city. Those who want to invest in plots in Okara are likely to receive high ROI as the region is fast developing and the prices are expected to increase even more in the future.