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Buying a Plot in Airport Housing Society

Situated on the Potohar Plateau, Rawalpindi is the fourth largest city of Pakistan in terms of population. It is located adjacent to the federal capital and both are collectively known as the ‘twin-cities’.

Although Rawalpindi’s real estate sector was overshadowed by Islamabad in the past, things have changed for the better recently. The city has caught the eye of real estate developers and many new societies are emerging here, offering various options for residential plots. Hence buying land in Rawalpindi has become easier as well as beneficial for the potential investors.

One of the most popular areas for buying plots in Rawalpindi is the Airport Housing Society. It is located near Islamabad International Airport and falls under the jurisdiction of Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA).

Types of Plots in Airport Housing Society

Located in the heart of Rawalpindi, the Airport Housing Society is a well-developed residential community where several plots are available for sale at reasonable rates. It comprises four sectors namely, 1, 2, 3 and 4, which are further divided into various sub-divisions. Since the society is already a developed one, plots are available in Sectors 1, 2 and 4 only, in various sizes ranging from 5 marla to 2 kanal.

Sale Price Trend for Plots in Airport Housing Society

Plots vary based on area, so does the sale price trend. Some plots offer easy monthly instalments plan for your ease. One can buy a 5 marla plot in Airport Housing Society in the price range of PKR 3.5 lakh to PKR 75 lakh and for purchasing a 10 marla plot, the cost will lie between PKR 40 lakh-PKR 50 lakh. Airport Housing Society also offers 1 kanal plots which can cost anywhere between PKR 50 lakh and PKR 2.5 crore.

Schools, Universities & Hospitals in Airport Housing Society

In order to provide quality education to its residents, Airport Housing Society has collaborated with many schools and opened their branches at various sectors of the society including, The Paragon School & College-AECHS Campus, City Grammar School, Silver Oaks Pre School and many more. Fatima Jinnah Women University, Capital University of Science & Technology, University of Lahore etc. are also located in close vicinity to the community. Moreover, several hospitals and private clinics are situated close to society, providing quality medical care to the people.

Facilities & Security in Airport Housing Society

The society is a complete package of comfort and ease. The supply of power, water and gas are adequate, so is the sewerage system. Though, the issue of gas load-shedding is experienced sometimes during winters and residents have to buy gas cylinders to do most of the kitchen-related work. Quaid-e-Azam Park is also located just a half kilometre away from the community. Also, approximately 110 patrolling squads and security guards are provided in the area. They are present 24/7 on-site and patrol the society and its vicinity to avoid, or deal with, any mishap.

Shopping & Restaurants in Airport Housing Society

To facilitate residents, there are some shopping malls and supermarkets located in close proximity to the society such as Empire Mart, Zamzam mart, Diamond Mall & Residency and Sunny Shopping Mall. Numerous local and international food chains are present within or outside the community in order to provide you with the best dine out options to enjoy quality time with friends and family. Takeaway and food delivery services are also readily available.

Reasons for Investing in Airport Housing Society

Overall, the prices of plots are lower in Airport Housing Society, compared to other housing schemes located in its neighbourhood. However, that doesn’t mean that the property here has less value. Airport Housing Society is situated on a prime location with easy access to all civic amenities. It is an ideal place to invest, especially considering the fact that property prices expected to rise in the near future.