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    Renting a Flat in Sector G-11

    Sector G-11, within Islamabad’s Zone 1, is a residential community with its own commercial Markaz at the intersection where A. K. Brohi Road meets Sachal Sarmast Road. The road encircling G-11 Markaz is called Shabbir Sharif Road and together, these are the three main routes that residents use to travel within the area. The sector is built towards the outskirts of the city and is closer to Rawalpindi via the National Highway. However, this does not mean that there has been any compromise on the quality of living being offered here.

    Types of Flats in Sector G-11

    Sector G-11 is fully developed and offers several options for renting properties. With regards to apartments, there are 1, 2, 3 and even 4-bed flats available for rent in the vicinity. However, the most popular option is to rent a 2-bedroom apartment in Sector G-11, followed by 3-bed alternatives. The sub-district where you should focus your search for the ideal rental unit is G-11/3, while some flats are also available in G-11/4, giving you plenty of options to choose from.

    Rent Price Trends for Flats in Sector G-11

    The rent of flats in Sector G-11 can vary based on what the unit is offering, such as a furnished interior or a recent renovation. These rates are also dependent on what the residential complex is offering as a whole to all of the residents and tenants in the building. A 1-bed flat can charge a monthly rent of PKR 10 to 45 thousand, while a 2-bed unit might be available for rent for PKR 10,000 to 70,000 on a monthly basis. Similarly, renting a 3 bedroom apartment in this sector can cost PKR 25,000 to 80,000 on monthly basis. For a larger flat having 4 bedrooms, the rental rate might start from PKR 45,000.

    Schools, Universities & Hospitals in Sector G-11

    Khaldunia High School, Al Huda International School, FG Primary School and SLS Montessori & School are a few of the schools located in Sector G-11. Meanwhile, university students can get admission and study in some of the best institutes in the country. These include National University of Modern Languages, Islamabad Islamic University, Preston University, Riphah University, Muslim Youth University and many more. Margalla General, Maroof International and Shifa International are some of the hospitals near Sector G-11 that facilitate the residents.

    Facilities & Security in Sector G-11

    Sector G-11 is a relatively safe neighbourhood. The residential buildings here generally have a central lobby where newcomers are asked for their identity and the security staff is on duty 24/7. While renting a flat in Sector G-11, some of the facilities you can expect here are backup generators, parking space, elevators, waste disposal facilities and more. The rental apartments are generally furnished and also offer internet connections, cable TV and air conditioning for the use of the tenants.

    Shopping & Restaurants in Sector G-11

    People residing in Sector G-11 can shop for groceries at Khyber General Store and Adnan Market, while Gulf Stationers and Miraaj School Uniforms can help you buy all the necessary school supplies for your kids. Ikram Mobiles and Battery Centre, Sigma Mobile and Ali Electronics cater to all your technology related needs. Crispy Broast, Silver Bistro, Biryani Hut and Rahat Bakers are some of the eateries located within Sector G-11. Branded outlets can be found in the malls located within Sectors F-10 and F-11.

    Reasons for Renting in Sector G-11

    Islamabad’s rental real estate offers a large range of options as many people move to the country’s capital from neighbouring towns and villages for better work opportunities. Most of these individuals are either single professionals or those who are aiming to move their small families to a larger city for improved career-based and educational prospects. As such, Sector G-11 offers comfort, convenience as well as the freedom to choose the apartments that will suit your needs the best.