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    Renting a Flat in Federal B. Area

    The city of Karachi was once only a fishing village, known as ‘Kolachi.’ This city has an interesting tale to tell as it played many significant roles throughout the history of the sub-continent. We only know it as the biggest city of Pakistan but it also remained the administrative capital of the country until the 1960s. Sea View, the tomb of Quaid-i-Azam, Bin Qasim Park and Mohatta Palace are a few famous tourist attractions of Karachi. It is also one of the most developed cities in Pakistan, in terms of economy as there are a large number of properties available for rent here.

    Types of Flats in Federal B. Area

    Having dozens of residential blocks, Federal B. Area is a very famous area in Gulberg Town. Almost all of the properties available in Federal B. Area come with reasonable rents. The type of flats which people are usually interested in feature 2 or 3 bedrooms. Many of the apartment buildings in this area have more corner and west open flats, which a majority of people living in Karachi come looking for. Rental apartments in Federal B. Area located on higher floors commonly have balconies offering extensive views of the city’s landscape.

    Rent Price Trends for Flats in Federal B. Area

    Searching through flats in Federal B. Area, you will come across a wide variety of affordable options. In comparison to the other areas of Karachi, the monthly rents here are quite budget-friendly. For example, you can pay as low as PKR 16 thousand a month if you want to rent a 2-bedroom flat. Although, the monthly rent for a 3-bedroom flat located in Federal B. Area ranges between PKR 22 to PKR 45 thousand.

    Schools, Universities & Hospitals in Federal B. Area

    F.B. Area features some of the best educational institutions in Karachi, for example, The City School, The Academy, Ilma & Iqra University Campuses, CDGK City Model School & Girls College and The Smart School. A wide variety of healthcare facilities are found in different neighbourhoods. Dr. Ziauddin Hospital, Mamji Hospital, Fatima Dental Hospital, Karachi Insitute of Heart Disease and Rafay-e-Aam Medical Centre are a few important names to mention here.

    Facilities & Security in Federal B. Area

    People living in any of the residential blocks in Federal B. Area will find a lot of essential neighbourhood facilities close to their homes such as masjids, public parks, fitness centres, recreational clubs and of course, commercial banks. The expressways going around and through Federal B. Area have many bus stops, making it easier for people to commute. The police force of Gulberg town is responsible for monitoring security and maintaining law and order in Federal B. Area.

    Shopping & Restaurant in Federal B. Area

    To cater to your shopping needs while residing in Federal B. Area, you can visit plenty of famous shopping malls and commercial markets. Shopping destinations like Imtiaz Super Market, Chase Up Shopping Centre and Lucky One Mall are just a few-minute drive from different neighbourhoods of the area. A wide variety of eateries like Pizza Max, The Pizza Fries, New Delhi Javed Restaurant and Food Centre can be spotted across Federal B. Area.

    Reason for Renting in Federal B. Area

    Flats in Federal B. Area come in a variety of types having reasonable monthly rents. There are numerous reputable educational institutions and healthcare facilities found in the area that are easily accessible by the people living nearby. Plus, Federal B. Area features many newly developed residential projects having the availability of a large number of rental flats. The apartment buildings constructed in these projects provide people with a secure environment and comfortable lifestyle along with being situated at an ideal location.