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Renting a Flat in Scheme 33

Karachi, with an area over 3780 km2, is home to a population of almost 15 million people. Not only is Karachi the largest city of Pakistan, but it is also ranked as the 6th most populous city in the whole world. Being a metropolitan city, there is always a never-ending need for renting properties in Karachi, as a number of people move to the city all year round. For those looking for renting a flat in the city, Scheme 33 is a viable option. It sits on a prime location, just 1 km from Saadi Town, near University Road.

Types of Flats in Scheme 33

The popular housing societies for renting apartments in Scheme 33 are Gulshan-e-Kaneez Fatima, Memon Nagar, Scheme 33 - Sector 18-A, Soomra Society and Gwalior Cooperative Housing Society. Also, every newly built flat features an ultra-modern interior, a balcony, open kitchen and spacious bedrooms meeting comfortable living standards for families as well as bachelors and working professionals.

Rent Price Trends for Flats in Scheme 33

The rental price trend of Scheme 33 in Karachi is quite economical. The 2-bedroom rental apartment costs PKR 15 to 25 thousand per month on an average, excluding the apartments in Pilibhit Cooperative Housing Society in Scheme 33 - Sector 18-A that cost around PKR 90 thousand per month. However, the rents for 3-bedroom flats in this community starts from PKR 20 thousand per month to PKR 60 thousand per month.

Schools, Universities & Hospitals in Scheme 33

You can’t find a lot of schools within Scheme 33. While Beaconhouse School System and The Smart City School have their campuses in the area, many residents send their children to nearby societies, like Gulshan-e-Iqbal, which has more options and is only a 25-minute drive away. Similarly, University Road, where Karachi University and NED University are situated, is only a 15-minute drive away from Scheme 33.

Facilities & Security in Scheme 33

The land of Scheme-33 is spread over an area of 26,026 acres, of which 4,707 acres are dedicated to 137 housing societies, while 1,400 acres have been earmarked as corridor area and 4889 acres for green-belt. Also, CDGK has been working to remove any encroachment from the land of Scheme 33. Each housing society in Scheme 33, such as ASF Towers, is a gated community with its own security system. Therefore, the area is quite secure, compared to other parts of Karachi. There are two police stations in the area as well, namely Ahsanabad Police Station and Police DECHS Office.

Shopping & Restaurants in Scheme 33

The ASF Towers in Scheme 33 has its own shopping mall of the same name. Also, since Scheme 33 lies near Saadi Town and Gulshan-e-Iqbal, the residents can enjoy access to nearby entertainment venues such as Nueplex Cinemas on Rashid Minhas Road. Al-Asif Restaurant & BBQ, famous for its afghani pilao and namkeen boti, is also in Gulzar-e-Hijri, Scheme 33. Most of the restaurants here offer conventional desi food only and you can find other fast food options in neighbouring localities.

Reasons for Renting in Scheme 33

Renting a flat in Scheme 33 is ideal for those who are searching for a newly built, modern apartment that is also quite affordable. Another important benefit of living in this scheme is that you live near University Road, so commute for residents, especially students, to the main city is very convenient.