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Renting a House in Korangi

Located in the eastern part of Karachi, Korangi is a town that comes under a district with the same name. As such, Korangi District contains Korangi Town, Landhi Town and Shah Faisal Town. However, these are just two of Korangi Town’s most prominent eastern neighbours. Korangi is surrounded by Faisal Cantonment in the north, Jamshed Town and Clifton Cantonment in the west and Bin Qasim Town and Korangi Cantonment towards the south. Korangi is also Karachi’s industrial hub, with several companies having their headquarters here.

Types of Houses in Korangi

The biggest concern for potential tenants while renting is to find a property that meets the space requirements of their family. Korangi’s rental real estate offers homes from sizes of 120 to 150, 300 and even 600 square yards. Most homes are ground-plus-one constructions, with wonderful exteriors and spacious balconies. While Korangi is spread over several neighbourhoods, some of the areas where you should focus your search for the perfect rental property are Darusslam Society, Lucknow Society and Bhittai Colony.

Rent Price Trend for Houses in Korangi

Rental homes in Korangi are available in many different sizes and styles. A house of 150 square yards is generally available for a monthly rent of PKR 15 to 35 thousand. In contrast, a unit having a size of 300 square yards can charge between PKR 50 thousand and 1.1 lakh on a monthly basis. Larger rental properties of double the size, 600 square yards, can have a monthly rental rate of PKR 50 to 90 thousand.

Schools, Universities & Hospitals in Korangi

Iqra Grammar School and Hilal Public School are two the schools located within Korangi, while the Pak Askari College offers intermediate education. There are also several universities located in or near Korangi, with a few of them being Millennium Institute of Technology & Entrepreneurship and Iqra University. Meanwhile, the area has several medical and general stores to facilitate the residents when they wish to purchase their medications and Awadh Hospital and Moon Clinic are some of the major medical centres located in the vicinity.

Facilities & Security in Korangi

Security can be a concern for residents of Korangi at times, but most landlords do install CCTV cameras for the security of their rental property. Thus, as a tenant in this area, you do not need to stress over the security of your home or family. Rental homes in Korangi offer car parking, regulated supply of water and electricity or a backup in case of a shortfall, fully furnished interiors and more. As Karachi has a hot climate, homes are often built to be west-facing and this can ensure that the house is well ventilated and kept cool during the day when you open up the windows.

Shopping & Restaurants in Korangi

While all the major malls are a fair distance away from Korangi, local area shops sell everything from hardware goods to electrical fixture fittings. Queen Medical & General Store and Almas Medical & General Store are two of the shops located here that sell products for everyday use. Moreover, Ideal Book Shop is a hub for local book lovers, while the Korangi Mobile Market can be visited for purchasing the latest mobile phones. The Pizza Spot, Pakistan Jeddah Restaurant and Quetta Super Pyala Café are some of the most famous eateries in the area.

Reasons for Renting in Korangi

Renting properties in Karachi allow you to live within this bustling metropolis and benefit from all that it has to offer, without worrying about the upkeep of your units. Renting in Karachi also enables you to move from one locality to the next quite easily, based on employment changes or your family’s requirements. If you are considering becoming a tenant in Korangi, the situation is ideal for those who work in or own any of the factories or offices nearby.