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    House for Rent on College Road Lahore

    Why Rent a House on College Road Lahore?

    Lahore, being the second largest city of Pakistan, is located on the north-eastern end of Punjab. Known for its famous street food, historical buildings and festivities, the heritage-filled city also has many real estate opportunities up for grabs. If you are planning to rent a house in Lahore, then there are many options available for you to explore.

    You can begin with Lahore’s College Road – one of the longest roads in the city. Here, you will find many residential and commercial units available for rent. The College Road also acts as a linking road, connecting several major residential schemes like Wapda Town and Eden Boulevard Housing Scheme. This 6.5-Kilometer (KM) road covers the Arain Chowk, Ameer chowk, and the Butt Chowk.

    Types of Houses for Rent on College Road Lahore

    There are several houses available for rent on the College Road of sizes 5 and 10 Marla. Additionally, 1 Kanal houses are also available for rent – on the main road and connecting service roads. Although, the most popular size you’ll be able to find is the 5-Marla house. You can either buy the property here as an investment or make use of it by renting it out till your needs are fulfilled. For those looking for a more affordable deal, the 5 Marla houses available for rent are a better option. Apart from these, there are many housing societies located on College Road, generating additional options for you to choose from – as per your convenience. 

    Types of Houses for Rent on College Road Lahore

    2, 3, 4 Marla

    5 Marla

    7 Marla

    10 Marla

    1 Kanal

    2 Kanal

    Pricing Trend for Houses for Rent on College Road

    The pricing trends for renting a house on College Road vary owing to various reasons including location (main road, service road, park-facing, and corner etc). Moreover, the spike in prices is also because of their proximity to several well-planned housing areas of Lahore, such as Revenue Employees Cooperative Housing Society and Nespak Society.

    Additionally, limited 2, 3 and 4 Marla houses are also available for rent on College Road, costing between PKR 13 thousand to PKR 20 thousand. The prices of 5 Marla houses for rent on the College Road range between PKR 20 thousand and PKR 48 thousand. For 10 Marla houses, the prices are around the PKR 60 thousand-mark. The 1 Kanal houses for rent on College Road are also limited in numbers owing to their prime location and the consequent popularity. These houses will cost you around PKR 1.5 lakh.

    Pricing Trend for Houses for Rent on College Road
    2, 3, 4 Marla PKR 13 thousand – PKR 20 thousand
    5 Marla PKR 20 thousand – PKR 48 thousand
    10 Marla PKR 50 thousand – PKR 60 thousand
    1 Kanal PKR 1 lakh – PKR 1.5 lakh

    Schools, Universities and Hospitals on College Road Lahore

    As the name suggests, College Road travels across one of the educational hubs of the provincial capital. Several top-ranked educational institutes are located in the vicinity such as the Lahore Grammar School (LGS), the Dar-e-Arqam and The Educators. Reputable colleges and universities located along the College Road include the University of Education, Punjab Group of Colleges–College Road Campus, Muslim College of Commerce and the KIPS College. Moreover, several renowned hospitals of the city are also easily accessible from College Road, including the Shaukat Khanum Hospital, the Hafeez Hospital and the Life Care Hospital, ensuring the provision of top-notch healthcare facilities to facilitate the dwellers of the area.

    Shopping Centres and Restaurants on College Road Lahore

    Surrounded by several restaurants, renting a house on College Road Lahore offers you many dine-in and take-away options. Restaurants like the Grill Spot, My Burger, Pizza Hut, the Mamtu Restaurant, Hover Lounge, Al Fajar Food Point and Pizza n Chicks are the famous localities to feed your hunger-needs. Famous shopping malls on and near College Road Lahore include the Al-Haram Plaza, the recently inaugurated Amanah Mall, the Zamzama Plaza and the Ali Noor Plaza. Additionally, you can visit either the Quality Superstore, the Ideal Store or the Ahsan Mart for grocery shopping.

    Facilities and Security on College Road Lahore

    College Road is located on the southern side of Lahore. The 6.5 KM-long road provides access between the PIA Society and the Model Town. Resultantly, residing in this area enables the residents with easy options for travelling to other parts of the city. The availability of various nearby parks allows dwellers with the possibilities of a morning stroll or an evening jog.

    Readily available utilities like gas, water and electricity supplies are also in place to facilitate the residents. The availability of Police stations in the area makes sure that College Road remains a safe and secure place for dwellers to peacefully enjoy their lifestyle.