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Renting a House on Misryal Road

Rawalpindi, also known as Pindi, is a city in Punjab, adjacent to Islamabad. Both of these cities are often called the “twin cities.” Another thing that adds to the significance of Rawalpindi is that General Headquarters (GHQ) is located here.

The city is quite welcoming, especially if you like engaging in recreational activities and travelling. There are plenty of places in Rawalpindi that you can visit to make the most of your day such as The Pedestrian Food Street, Ayub National Park and Pakistan Army Museum.

Searching for a house to rent is quite easy due to the availability of a wide variety of suitable properties in Rawalpindi. Misryal Road, for instance, has numerous properties available for rent that you can explore.

Types of Houses on Misryal Road

If you have decided to live in a rental home near Misryal Road, then you can choose among various house types. Residential units measuring under 10 marla are highly in-demand rental properties on Misryal Road. These houses are either single or double-storey units, having at least 2 bedrooms, a kitchen, a living and a dining area. In many cases, a house for rent located on Misryal Road also comes with a car porch. You can, however, find smaller units of 5 marla as well.

Rent Price Trends for Houses on Misryal Road

Rents for residential properties on Misryal Road are quite affordable. While comfortably staying in their budget, people can easily find homes in surrounding residential areas . For example, the rent for a 5 marla house near Misryal Road can be as low as PKR 10,000 per month. On the other hand, the monthly rent of a 6 marla house in the area can be around PKR 15,000. Double storey 5 marla and 6 marla houses are a bit more expensive to rent, usually having monthly rents of between PKR 25-30 thousand.

Schools, Universities & Hospitals on Misryal Road

Cantt Public School, IIUI School Misryal Rd., City Cambridge School, Sir Syed Montessori, School & College, Havard College of Commerce & Sciences, Punjab Degree College and National University of Medical Sciences are some prominent educational institutions found near Misryal road. There are also some very famous healthcare facilities nearby, for example, Iqra Medical Centre, Family Hospital, Aman Hospital and Shafi Clinic. Most of these hospitals are located on the main Misryal Road for easy accessibility.

Shopping & Restaurants on Misryal Road

Being an extremely busy road in Rawalpindi, Misryal Road has many small and large commercial spots to cater to the needs of locals as well as visitors. Places like Chairman Asdlam Shopping Centre, Al Madad plaza, Cantt Utility Store and Ali Son Cosmetic and Medical Store are a few notable examples in this regard. There are also many naan shops and traditionally styled cafes serving chai and parathas located on Misryal Road. However, you will find many famous eateries in the areas around Misryal Road such as Italian Pizza, Crunchy’s Fried & Grill, Mexican Chilis and Lazat Food.

Facilities & Security on Misryal Road

Having a length of 1.27 km, Misryal Road is considered one of the most famous expressways of Rawalpindi. It links Bhatta road with GT Road and has many facilities around it. People living on Misryal Road can easily visit Race Course Park, which is just a few kilometres away, for family hangouts. There are numerous CNG Stations and Petrol Pumps located on or nearby. The security of the localities around Misryal Road is adequately monitored by the police force of Rawalpindi district.

Reasons for Renting on Misryal Road

There are certain points for you to consider before renting a house on Misryal Road. First of all, the rental real estate on Misryal Road has many affordable options available for you. Every house in the area is uniquely built, offering comfortable living to residents. A lot of them are located in well-established neighbourhoods, equipped with facilities like gas, electricity and TV connections. Residential properties on Misryal Road are spread in different localities and it totally depends on you which neighbourhood suits you as a tenant.